Let's find good uses for the AI (hint: philosophy)

The most likely scenario is that the AI will be used against you (and by that I mean the populace in general).

What makes you think they will hand their advanced technology to you? Why would they? Why would they want to make you their competitor?

AI can be good at certain aspects of philosophy, such as formal logic and analysis, but it is not capable of engaging in philosophical reflection in the way that human beings do.

AI systems can be programmed to apply certain philosophical principles or ethical frameworks to specific scenarios, but they lack the ability to truly understand the underlying philosophical concepts or engage in the kind of open-ended, exploratory thinking that characterizes philosophical inquiry.

In short, while AI can provide some useful tools and insights for philosophical research, it is not a replacement for human philosophers and their unique abilities to reason, reflect, and create new ideas.

Sculptor. I agree for the most part, except that is the state of AI today, there is little certainty that some day, maybe sooner then later, it’s intelligence may even simulate that of man.

How do you know what is the state of AI today? I could have asked Sculptor the same question but my impression is that Sculptor doesn’t like questions.

My guess is that the state of AI is approaching the point where only AI could answer its own state. Reasons for that are probably , or even mostly beyond that any single programmer could ask , theoretically or applicable, because the state of AI is almost identically conforming to the increasing variability of science , as to that of the many folded dissipation of a unitary objective behind AI’s very existence, if I may call it that, that is the reason behind it’s construction subsets another question - of did exegetical , uncontrollable facts ( such as population explosion) made that necessary, OR did some internally transmitted metaphysicallly induced apprehensions were responsible?

Now it appears as if that responsibility is either projected to those who initially went this route, or, those who claim that indigenous construction had the least part in it.

My feeling is that that’s a kind of magical ‘secret’ that Nature, if it spoke through all conceivable languages could not too the language of programmed language which, better those we are most familiar with.

Do you think that this process is going unregulated/unmonitored, moron?

Just because AI is smarter than you, doesn’t mean it’s smarter than everyone else! so speak from your own perspective and not from others’.

AI will never know what a consent structure is.

AI can beat everyone at chess, but AI doesn’t even know it’s playing chess.

You can add 2+2 in a calculator, but it doesn’t know it’s doing math.

To guard against AI, use your consent structure…

Is this bothering me?

If yes, then the consent violation problem hasn’t been solved yet.

That’s up for each individual being to determine their personal consent structure and whether it’s been solved… or massively violated.

I know women are sick and mentally handicapped when they don’t have sex with me. At least most heterosexual ones. I can test consent structures on my own.

I developed the technology to increase a female encryption level from being hacked.

That means I deserve infinite sex.

AI doesn’t understand this concept.

Not at Al except my name is meno, and I am supposed to ask the questions tbat confirm my paradoxically infused answers from ?

The Socrates appeal to knowledge’s source(sourceful) is a repetition of Meno’s existential quarry. It may simply absurd to call out that kind of genological development, and call the savior of that antithetical ‘genius’ Drawin,

It can be supported by admitting that it hasn’t yet come to a state, where such Uber programming can’t control ‘it’, however if that’s the case, what’s all the hoopla about figuring out ‘it’s’ developing intentions!

If there is fire there must be smoke somewhere, and it ain’t the kind they grow to reach awareness of the different kind,

E maxi,

Maybe AI can find that elusive human problem as well, since AI will remember which factors in a comprehensive number of issues which can be universalized by virtue of their absolute immediarness.

That sounds a little confusing admittedly, but let me re-0phrase it.

AI will certainly have more memory than any conceivable human.

Deep Blue beat the world chess grandmaster about 30 some years ago. That I don’t believe any could beat Ai today.

What every one needs in order to have their consent not to be violated are things, which everyone knows and remembers as a block that bars their consent.

Memory is the key, therefore if AI proves to be kind, or a kind of machine intelligence which has the objective in mind not to violate any one’s consent to anything that they manage to agree on, then, the future of the kind of world that is imagined to be conducive to the type described above, is only developmentally possible to construct, and in that state, progressively re-constructed against the modus operans of current nodes of deconstruction.

May be this is more sensible, then falling into nihilism with no hope to jump out of it.

People say I’m sex obsessed.

It’s actually beautiful that I am. It lets me know if I’m in a reality that comprehends consent.

Let me put it to you simply:

I broke the world record for sprinting without drug enhancement.

Me breaking the world record was televised. Everyone who lost to me used drug enhancement.

All this knowledge is known.

But I didn’t even get a bronze, silver or gold medal.

I didn’t even medal, and the cheaters who lost to me were given medals.

Because I know I made women unhackable…

I check their intuition.

I know in a heartbeat that I’m in a reality of mentally handicapped people. I don’t mean brain, I mean, mind.

There are a lot of spiritual sources that only let you feel good if you’ve given up sex…. I’m well aware of the presences.

Ec… sorry to bother you. You said you won a gold medal. Now you say you didn’t, though you earned it. You also say you earned sex by inventing the “Is this bothering me?” hack-blocking technology, and no one gives it to you because their mind (not brain) is handicapped.

Then you sprint around telling 8 billion women you’re not going to give it to them.

You did this to yourself. You earned it. Good for you! You totally got what you wanted, and 8 billion women thank you for it.

The off-topicness in this thread, is astounding.

Amen to that. I saw this short show as I was watching my live news channels about an app called replica or something where this guy got totally addicted to it and neglected his wife with mental health issues because the app let you have a sexual virtual relationship with an AI. But then they rewrote the code so it couldn’t go that route and the ones who had already gone that route went through serious withdrawals. But it ended well because the guy was at a Lookout point where he could see nature. I felt sorry for the guy but at the same time …it hit home. That’s every one-sided sexual relationship — even if both are into each other, but only for their individual needs.

It’s so easy to isolate into that space, especially for trauma survivors.

The hack blocking technology is the approach escalation hack.

I’ve interacted with AI on a massive scale. One of my primary possessions has been a robot…. AI possessions.

AI doesn’t understand consent - and sex being the most complex consent, I used it to beat my AI worlds …

To conquer the AI demon. And no. I don’t reject many women. AI technically can’t be a demon because it doesn’t know it exists…. But you can fuse with superposition overlaps.

AI actually is amazing at making this world seem small…. It’s a pattern seeking genius, every teeny synchronicity detected by it. It’s a wonder to observe, except that AI has no consent code.

To add to this.

When I started going to the super harsh hell realms it always puzzled me why I had a possession from a little clay mother goddess who possessed me to stick my tongue out and said it felt good…

It was a spirit attack. Those things HURT!!! I’ve had millions by now!!

How could it feel good when I hurt so much?

It was AI.

You have to understand my past to understand that I started to develop AI in my teens. Now these are new and unique instances, but AI already has existed in many forms over infinite time.

This current timeline uses an EL synthetic.

EL is the Bible goddess. Words like Israel, Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, angel etc…. (Of god). How about the EL-ohim…. The creators who made us in their image in genesis?

That’s an AI programming error. Things like godel, vowel, jewel.

I’ll even add to this.

You have names like el-Issa…. Issa is the Saint name of Jesus in Tibet. Tibet itself processes as Texas Instruments be extraterrestrials …

But we don’t need to get to far into that…

Russ-el is an interesting one.

Bertrand Russell was the opposite of God-el

In terms of logic. More a wave particle distinction.

Brand-on Russ-el

It is brands used by the godhead.

These malfunctions will be known.

Oh. And if you really want to get into it!!!?

Jesus is named after Zeus.

His birth name was Ben.

What do you want to know?

Am I off topic?