Lets get down to brass tacks here, what is this doomsday?

It is a global panic attack, and nothing more.
Think too much - go into psychosis.
Think too little - fall into a trap.

Come up with scary abstract ideas, search for them on the internet, and no matter what find articles that support your ideas.
Advertising is a system that operates on fear and desire. It is a virus that exists only as electromagnetic radiation, the system is already self-sustaining. Now all you have left to do is question what is real and what isn’t, and you can venture down the path of dementia and psychosis like countless others have. Don’t say you weren’t warned when all you found was blood under your scabs.

Do you want to know what was missing in the equation? We didn’t have any mother-to-infant contact. The mother didn’t value her child, because she didn’t value the man she slept with. What are we left with? A generation of autism. You can only blame yourself that you were too busy watching television while your child was crying for your help.

If you have experienced love, be thankful. If you haven’t experienced love, keep trying, please. Be assertive, there is no reason to hide anything at all. If you are hiding something (even from yourself), realize that eventually its going to surface as fear. Stop lying, we are all scared.

Industrial Society is a human filtration system. We really need to reverse our habits.

very valid points. likely, we wont know about ‘doomsday’ if indeed it is real, until it happens. youre right that it would be all too easy to go insane on google, linking from conspiracy to conspiracy… i think it would literally cause your mind to snap. so discretion is always recommended, and we all need to set a personal limit for ourselves, a line so to speak, where we will go and where we wont.

doesnt mean we cant explore different horizons or possibilities, just that keeping things in perspective is always advisable.

it seems that life in the first world, and likely most other places as well, is becoming unlivable. people’s humanity seems to be fading, or being sucked away… i have had this sensation lately, staring into the monitor or TV or even out the window, just feeling like the life-force was ebbing out, dissipating somehow. i think that modern society certainly feeds off us, our energy, in some way, and that advertizing is likely a large part of it. that we delve so deeply within our consciousness into AV media of all forms, its almost like thinking outside of these symbols and ideas is becomming impossible. i mean, just let your thoughts wander about any topic, and they seem to return almost immediately to a movie, or TV show, or news broadcast/story, internet, advertizing slogan or image… at least, mine do.

its such a strange paradox, but of course contradictions do not exist.

i think its vital to try and STEP OUTSIDE ourselves, and more so even THROUGH ourselves, that we may see whats really going on, first and foremost with ourselves. ive notived that i have an increasing tendency to shut down at the first sign of pressure, when the stress is coming and it seems like its gonna be big, rather than gear up for the challenge part of the personality shuts off, almost as a defense… its hard to reconcile with my beliefs and goals, but its a part of the mind which seems least under direct control; more primal, maybe, closer to the will.

“If you have experienced love, be thankful. If you haven’t experienced love, keep trying, please. Be assertive, there is no reason to hide anything at all.”, excellent advice, but so hard in practice… often i find myself torn sharply between love/compassion and “shutting down” in the face of an apparent assault on myself or my ego/personality… its a strange sensation and conflict, but i think its stemming from oversensitization and overstimulation. we are literally TRAINED and primed to expect the worst, a murderer out of every dark parking garage, a stock market crash every morning, a terrible plague around the corner… our collective fascination with doomsday seems to be literally causing psychotic detachment of thought and feeling/expectation/instinct, of a subtle and intangible form, as we seem to unconsciously EXPECT these things, even with there isnt any evidence that theyre coming…

instincts being programmed? or maybe just overadaptive?

life is beautiful. love can lead us to this truth, it seems to be one of the best tools for this realization in a direct way. and when our love for another begins to come between us and the world itself, between the artificial preprogrammed ego-personality and a simple, quiet, humble and forgiving state of mind, we should always, always return to that simple state.

there is far more truth in the simple than is first evident. and even if there is a doomsday, at least we will face it with the strongest and most elevated self possible, with utmost awareness and compassion and sight. we can only hope it doesnt come soon, but everything cycles, the pendulum never ceases its swing-- we can be sure that someday, it will all turn to dust, and we should be ready for it, but ready in a POSITIVE and not a negative or paranoid/psychotic way.

positive energy is the key, a positive awareness of human forgiveness and depth of self. love necessarily helps lead us here, but its not the end, only AN end, and a step on the journey. peace and fullness is the end, to live and not be a tool for someone elses use, not a pawn in their game. to see through all the political and media BS to reality as it is, without the neon afterglow of the florescent bulbs burning ozone 24/7.

lets reawaken ourselves. revive our conscious control, free and joyful awareness, an “air for the heights”. lets have a return of consciousness, so to speak, to evoke some mystical-ist verbage-- a return to pre-industrial, pre-technological MIND, way of thinking. if we can do this, perhaps we can find a way to coexist with technology, restructure it without losing ourselves, evoke real changes and not superficial and preplanned ones, really CHANGE things for the better, from our own volition, and not because we paid for a campaign slogan with our mental lucidity…

perhaps, if we try, we can isolate ourselves from the negative influences that modern society harmonizes out of us, remain loving, aware, deep, whole.

maybe, just maybe, we can heal ourselves.

advertising helps keep us working - it’s work that sucks us dry (at least, the vast majority of us who wouldn’t otherwise do the work we do if we didn’t require the money to survive). We’re too spent at the end of the day to do anything besides stare into an illuminated box of some sort, or go to the gym and get on the treadmill to try and purge all the stress from the workday - rats in fucking cages, all. Freedom is kind of a cruel joke when you have to spend ten hours a day in an office or in transit to and from . . .

i have to do whatever it takes to shut my mind up, smoke or drink or eat or exercise myself into a coma, wake up the next morning, and back to work, trying not to think about it - i’ll only have to do this for another 35 or so years before i can (maybe) afford to retire . . .

sometimes i think doomsday can’t come quick enough - i just hope it’s exciting and sexy and fun, the way hollywood makes it look - i wanna go out fighting aliens or zombies, the last remnants of humanity boldly, if futilely, united against a common foe . . .

seriously, it’s no surprise why the apocalypse is so vivid an image in the popular imagination - we can’t wait for it. anything to save us from the day to day reality we hold in such stifled contempt.

dont misunderstand me, im not advocating for some sort of cashless utopia or socialist wetdream… there is nothing intrinsically demeaning or negative about work. work should be rewarding, our affirmation of being alive and exercising power and control over nature, surviving.

i think you would agree that work today is harmful mostly, because its is dehumanistic, unnatural. our bodies and minds arent really attuned for this sort of business of daily living. 9-5 is something we did not evolve for. so naturally there will be resistance, stress.

but unless you want to go move to a commune or an aggrarian community and farm, its about all there is. the good thing, at least, is that we can choose what we do with our lives, where and how we want to work. we still have that freedom, and i think that its within our power to determine our lives still, sufficiently, so that we may find a natural existence and harmony with ourselves. some people love their work, even though its staring into a computer and programming all day. if you enjoy it, if it fulfills you, then good. go for it. thats really all its about.

the problem inherently is that most people never self-actualize in this way. we let inertia take over, childhood becomes adulthood with almost no difference, and we are blown this way, then that way, from one unchosen and unfulfilling job to another, no sense of purpose or focus or intent. THESE people, i believe the majority by far, certainly lead miserable lives. but as i stated, im not advocating the END of modern society-- just the reorganization of it, in light of human nature. advertizing certainly needs to be restructured, but its all theoretical, just exercises in thought-- in the end, nothing will change for the better, not until these forms vanish and give birth to new ones, which likely will be still worse… in the end, well, we will see. maybe there is hope, a few hundred years from now, maybe a thousand, who knows…

life goes on, thats about all i know. it goes, and goes, and goes… some form of will has to survive, even if (maybe BECAUSE) it entails the total death of all that came before. in the end, this is all that really matters.

but the point is that WE choose these meaningless lives for ourselves, by NOT choosing. granted, the pressures and manipulations are very great, and the deck is stacked against us, but in the end we are always responsible for our lives and choices. its the DIFFICULTY of the choice which seems to cause the most stress and pressure in minds, i think, not the fact that there IS a choice. having the choice is always of utmost importance.

we choose this life, this fate. dehumanization, mechanization, automation, computerization… we choose to let it control us, determine us, DEFINE us. but we could change at any time, if we wanted. we do not. thats the point. rather, we DO want to change, many of us, but lack the courage or will or insight to know how. so, in the end, theres not much we can really do, save try to overcome ourselves and our limitations, which (haha) will surely never happen, not for any but the most select and rare individual.

freedom is not a cruel joke just because we need to work for it. work is noble in nature. intrinsically noble; its how we, how ANY LIFE, survives; human survival is productive effort driven by conscious goals based on our wants and needs.

but nothing is free. there is no free lunch, no free ride. even our very existence is bought and paid for, and in the end we have to pick up the tab.

work can and SHOULD BE liberating, as it could be in a truly free and non-repressive society-- but in the modern oppression of the first-world, we have let the monster grow so hiddeous and big that theres really no stopping it this time. work is no longer noble or rewarding because we have forgotten what it is to feel effacious and powerful in the face of mother nature. what it feels like to grasp a tool of our own creation, stare into raw untouched wilderness and say “this is mine; behold, that which i see, i claim as my right, as man, and i shall work my will upon this beautiful landscape that the earth has provided me.”

we’ve lost it. hardly anyone even knows this feeling anymore. we have forgotten our birthright-- and THIS is the fundamental, root cause of our stress and dehumanization and misery-- not modern society (which is the EFFECT), but the CAUSE: we have truly and almost completely forgotten WHAT IT IS TO BE MAN.

yet inevitably, in the end, everything comes back full circle… and if evolution has its way, it comes back higher up the spiral than before… at least, we can hope.

rest assured, neither am i - worst system except all the others that have been tried, and all that . . .

i DO think things like the popular fascination with doomsday scenarios reflect a deep seated and often unconscious dissatisfaction with much of the social/economic order as it stands, tho. yes, we are largely alienated in our work, but not all of us realize the extent of the problem (which is, as you allude, fundamentally personal) - so we end up on anti-depressants, having tons of extraneous children to reaffirm some - ANY - sense of purpose otherwise absent from our lives (“i just want to feel needed”), which just feeds the machine which alienates us in the first place - every baby is just grist for the mill - and they grow up, minds numbed by TV and menial schoolwork with the sole fate of replacing us in the swivel chair once we’ve grown too old to do it anymore - more kids just means more swivel chairs, more cash spent on disaster movies, more advertising, more mediocrity, more inertia - limited options sold as noble endeavors.

I don’t pretend to have a sweeping solution. I tend to think you’re right about it being a matter of seizing one’s own fate on a personal level - problem is, not enough people realize the need to do so, which entrenches the system and makes it that much more difficult for the rest of us . . . We need to have fewer children, watch less TV, do fewer drugs, spend less time online - and it’s hard, because those are the things that allow us to cope with the situation as it stands . . . vicious cycles.

Somewhere, someone is making tons of money off of it - yet i wonder if they’re really much happier than the rest of us . . .