Let's Start World War III! Get ready To Rumble!

Hunting is good training for getting food in a wilderness where other similarily skilled individuals in groups will not be competing with you. A short time in the military - kudos for the honesty - probably means almost nothing about your post-apocalypse skill set - demerit for you estimation of relevance.

Then there is the possible interaction with street gangs of a motorcycle variety being around different kinds of arms as well.
Ihave never found possible interactions to be much training, only actual interactions. But let’s say you just worded it strange and mean that you had relevent interactions with motorcycle gangs. IOW not just get drunk and smashing stuff or intimidating individuals or rape or speed manufacturing, but somehow you had experiences similar to what someone who engages in geurilla warfare has. Someone who engages with the enemy, has to sleep in safety and so on and so on. Then, yes, that might means something, but it’s pretty unlikely that this sort of thing happened. Probably some scattershot moments of violence. Some sense of how to handle yourself in a fight, though generally when one team has many more people than the other. Some skills at reading threats when with people in the margins of society. But little of use against the armed bands post-apocalypse that will have had real training and will not be a loner like you.

But the real tell, is that anyone not bragging for a specific purpose - like getting laid or fronting tough - will admit that in post-apocalyse chaos, the outcomes are up in the air. A sniper might take them down when moving through an area they do not realize is occupied. A group may track you down. A Seal team may come into your area and give you the option of joining them under their rules and discipline or dying. Whatever.

The fact that you have some training with guns and some experience around violent mongoloids gives you, as acknowledge by me, a better shot than the mass of people who get along OK, in their own estimation, in society pre-collapse. But it is a crapshoot.

If you join a gang, like some survivors of MG friends, you will not be the alpha and you will have to fit in in their hierarchy and culture. If you do not join a gang of whatever kind, yes you may survive, but you are not, then, the alpha predator. The groups with much better skills and more experience than you will be.

But you act like you know it will all work out for you. You look down on people who believe in God, but this is your faith.

Why can’t you be a man and say: I am willing to take my chances. I hate this fucking society. There are no guarantees, I have some skills but other people have more.

No. You speak like you are the top predator and you do this in posts with images of movie characters and other childish media images
that any middle-class suburban 13 year old would throw in as short hand for his fantasy life.

That’s the tell.

The people that stand a better chance than you and will likely take you out are not posting their fantasy figures from films in a philosophy forum. And they are not stating with certainty they will survive.

And right now while you are acting like that teenage fantast, they are honing skills already way beyond yours.

This is not a defense of society. This is not to say you should like society or stop rooting for its demise. I hate this society as well.

Wake the fuck up. An unrealistic appraisal does not help you anymore than some New Agers affirmations in the mirror help them win the lottery. This positive thinking Pollyanna shit is so fucking normal and dangerous, like if you actually took a real appraisal like a man, you would have no hope.

Being a man about it increases your chances, though you think it reduces them.

And the Satyr lite stuff like…

you might want to drop.

As far as you being more misfortunate than me.

What is you want me to do? Sure, I will bet despite a number of things you do not know about me, I had options in the shit I went through that you did not have.
How then should I approach you when I see you tellling me a hammer is a gun and you are the baddest dude and everything will work out for you.

Should I be nice and condescending, and ask you about your pain? I can do that if you want.

I didn’t sit around and think of an approach, I just react to you. But it seems to me you will either listen to someone calling you on BS man to man or you cannot learn anything. The asking about your pain and talking about sympathy seems like something you would not want so why the poor me all of a sudden. Can you be a man and do a real poor me?
I know you can type in a quip or a putdown.
I know that.
It proves nothing.
So when you find yourself doing that again in your next, forget about they dynamic. Stop acting like I am trying to take away your toy - your celebration of a collapse that may not go how you like - and do some real evaluation.

I mean, do you realize how moronic you sounds looking forward to WWW3. I mean, if you do not give a shit about your own life, OK. But to think you know that hunting squirrels when growing up and hanging out with thugs means you will do well during and after WWW3 you are just being a baby.

Well, you know what they say about assuming things or underestimating individuals. I’ll go ahead and let you believe whatever it is you want to of me. The less you and the world knows about me all the better. I do pride myself on invisibility and anonymity Mr. Moreno.

Who said anything about me being alone in such a post apocalyptic world? Oh sure, I am a loner now but this also will change eventually. Dare I say it, much already has. Do you have any idea the numbers of men I frequently speak with who have similar ambitions? Number is quite endless. Recruitment in such an environment is quite easy to entertain and eventually apply.

The hatred, rage, and anger spewing from this modern society is endless. The seeds of discord are ripe everywhere.

No, I don’t think I am the baddest man around. I’m certainly not invincible. I know my own limitations and weaknesses as every man should. I am not that arrogant. Nobody knows random chance and misfortune better than I. I am all too familiar with the gambit of life or war. It’s unpredictable nature or qualities. Don’t let my bravado or gusto fool you. You’re correct, there is no guarantees of anything. Everything is based upon random chance.

Actually I’ve met worse than me whose capabilities pale even my own. Still, I view myself as a highly motivated contestant in the competition of power when civilization disintegrates into total chaos or anarchy where I’m willing to give it a shot trying to fill in the vacuum. Possibly die trying but as much as it is on the battlefield anywhere where competition is decided. Fortune favors the bold, ruthless, and intelligent.

I don’t want the entire world as my aims are more provincial. I just want to take over a poultry sized territory and call it my own.

Everybody else can have the rest of the world and I’ll probably be the guy doing business with them. I just want my own tiny little empire. My own little mark on the world before I die of old age or worse.

I just want to be the invisible go to middle man after the world meets its inevitable demise assuming there is anybody left at all.

Of course I act like it is all going to work out for me. A person in my position can’t afford not to have some level of self confidence. :wink:

As for your thoughts on me or my life experiences in all honesty I could care less. At best they’re chopped up to daily amusement for my own entertainment or consumption.

Eerie photos of a shaky ceasefire in Syria.

World War III … With what enemies?

United States and its allies versus Russia along with China and their allies.

Turkey is attacked yet again, allegedly…

zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-1 … tal-sunday

Yes, that is very probable.

Or very improbable. One or the other.

Possible is a better word.

And why are you WORLD WAR III ANGRY? :wink:

It is an adjective of the anger that lurks beneath, ready to come out if need be. I state if need be, very very meaningfully. Need… be… Is a matter of necessity. I am a happy (not compared to my profile pic), awe inspired, fun loving man. I am full of love and awe. I love inspiration, I love my family, I love life. I am curious. I appreciate good hearted people. I understand sacrifice, honor, nobility. I have values, I have morality. I appreciate art, justice, music, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, logic, humor, reason.

As such, with the state of the world, there are those that are antithetical to everything I stand for. I feel that I would if things were taken from me in an unjust manner due to the antithetical nature of people not found within me, that I would be very, very, angry> World War III Angry. That’s some anger I would say. The nth degree of anger? In the psyche of humans, people have an image of World War III leading to an apocalyptic wasteland. In my mind, that wasteland ought to become a reality if the antithesis of who I am were to come into play in this world. It is threatened constantly, certainly I am under attack from all ends. That is fine, of course, that is how it should be. But if I lose, lose it all, there’s nothing worth fighting for, and then it means everything is worth destroying.

Plus on a long enough timeline I’m angry that World War III is probably inevitable due to human nature.

well, 4000 plus years of distorted history, economics, sciences has taken its toll and WW3 will be the consequence of all this… Lies and delusions kill, if man was addressing them instead of repeating the same mistakes and expect different results. The fear of potential chaos is the fear of freedom. Because the vast majority can’t deal with this idea, they want to be ruled… this way chaos comes too, but very realistically. So where does fear lead us in the end? Back to square one.

there is a real “jaw dropping” 5 hour doc on youtube, The Century Of The Self, BBC’ 20 years old blockbuster