Let's Start World War III! Get ready To Rumble!

Eerie photos of a shaky ceasefire in Syria.

World War III … With what enemies?

United States and its allies versus Russia along with China and their allies.

Turkey is attacked yet again, allegedly…

zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-1 … tal-sunday

Yes, that is very probable.

Or very improbable. One or the other.

Possible is a better word.

And why are you WORLD WAR III ANGRY? :wink:

It is an adjective of the anger that lurks beneath, ready to come out if need be. I state if need be, very very meaningfully. Need… be… Is a matter of necessity. I am a happy (not compared to my profile pic), awe inspired, fun loving man. I am full of love and awe. I love inspiration, I love my family, I love life. I am curious. I appreciate good hearted people. I understand sacrifice, honor, nobility. I have values, I have morality. I appreciate art, justice, music, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, logic, humor, reason.

As such, with the state of the world, there are those that are antithetical to everything I stand for. I feel that I would if things were taken from me in an unjust manner due to the antithetical nature of people not found within me, that I would be very, very, angry> World War III Angry. That’s some anger I would say. The nth degree of anger? In the psyche of humans, people have an image of World War III leading to an apocalyptic wasteland. In my mind, that wasteland ought to become a reality if the antithesis of who I am were to come into play in this world. It is threatened constantly, certainly I am under attack from all ends. That is fine, of course, that is how it should be. But if I lose, lose it all, there’s nothing worth fighting for, and then it means everything is worth destroying.

Plus on a long enough timeline I’m angry that World War III is probably inevitable due to human nature.

well, 4000 plus years of distorted history, economics, sciences has taken its toll and WW3 will be the consequence of all this… Lies and delusions kill, if man was addressing them instead of repeating the same mistakes and expect different results. The fear of potential chaos is the fear of freedom. Because the vast majority can’t deal with this idea, they want to be ruled… this way chaos comes too, but very realistically. So where does fear lead us in the end? Back to square one.

there is a real “jaw dropping” 5 hour doc on youtube, The Century Of The Self, BBC’ 20 years old blockbuster