Letters to India, Conversations With Zinnat.

Hey Zinnat, what is the general opinion of Covid19 over there in India? More importantly, what do Indians think of Bill Gates?


Across India









The general impression about covid here is that this is caused by China, either intentionally or unintentionally. But, we have seen the worst of it because general public listened to right people and more or less followed their advices too.

As far as Bill gates is concerned, indians think very highly of him. Whenever he visits india, many top beurocrates and politicians meet him.

With love,

That was awesome. :laughing:

Is this guy for real, or is this a parody? :-k

There’s a lot of Indians around where I live.
I heard India was super strict, police were riding around on horseback, whipping the people, forcing them to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.
From what I heard, India’s not much better than China.
Asia is just like that, they’ve never had much freedom there.

He is very much a real person. A very famous Punjabi singer diler mehendi.

With love,

My friend, you need to correct your definition of freedom. It looks to me it is missing the mark by some distance.

With love,

Zinnat, I think it is pretty cool your Indian soldiers gets into fist fights or brawls with Chinese soldiers on the border, that’s pretty cool and based. :sunglasses:

This is like the tenth altercation I’ve heard of in the last two years, I hope a video or two gets leaked out eventually. I bet it’s pretty funny to watch.

Guy is a real Indian pop star over there from what I hear, a real jovial fella. :laughing:

Explain this to me Zinnat.

m.timesofindia.com/india/128-ki … 641123.cms

This music from India has very many similarities with the music from countries of Islam or even Orthodox Christianity.


The “indians think very highly of him”, and “whenever he visits india, many top beurocrates and politicians meet him”. Okay. But even “many top beurocrates and politicians” are only a few Indians. So, what do the other Indians (for instance: the majority of the Indians) think of him?

I think our pal Zinnat is the Indian equivalent of an American neo-liberal, after all, our marketed political brands are being exported to the entire world. :sunglasses:

That could be true.