Liberals go on shooting spree in Chicago, Kropotkin Smiles … 61481.html

I honestly don’t know why these “liberal strongholds” do this to themselves. The choice isn’t Republican vs Democrat, it is a choice of surviving, or death. Boot the Democratic Party out, if you see anyone like Smears or Kropotkin approach your neighborhood, shoot at them.

Guns exist all over this country, but this shit only happens like this in Liberalstan. They leave you with nothing, save enough of a carrot to keep you voting for them, but otherwise starved. They lock you up, they keep you unemployed, they refuse to let you live in their neighborhoods. Only time you see them is when they need your vote or for pointless racial solidarity rallies.

Fuck the Democrats, honestly. You don’t have to join the Republicans, choose whatever, make your own party up. You don’t hold a chance in a liberal economy under Hillary. You need to gain proper control over your own future. Start running your cities like a proper community… this means dumping guys like Kropotkin over a dunghill and being finished of them. White People aren’t the enemy… more whites are poor than rich… it’s the liberal elites… the only people around actually profiting, and their ideological minions. Get rid of them. If there ever was a class enemy, it is them.

Perhaps you don’t realize that the places in the country with the highest per capita gun violence rates are overwhelmingly rural, conservative red states with little or no gun control.

No of course you don’t realize that, neither the NRA or FOX News dare tell you such things.

Further, perhaps you don’t realize that everyone who lives in Chicago is not a liberal. And that most gang members in the inner city, where things like this happen, are pretty thoroughly apolitical.

Actually, i’m sure you DO realize that, but then you wouldn’t get to vent about your desire to shoot your fellow forum members.

You know, not only do I not know that fact of yours, but the people who do statistics must miss this fact too, as I never heard of this, seen the opposite… unless your counting guys like Smears accidently shooting his dick off and bleeding to death, when he tries to clean his loaded rifle, or a suicide. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and check.

From the very first page I found Googling offering statistics, they say the same thing you said… initially, until they clarified it below:

Dont vote Democrat, your chances of being shot goes way up. In Wisconsin… average is 10.5 per 100,000… if your a Democrat, 38.8 per 100,000.

Fuck that.

K: I am glad you have found a place to vent your feelings, I am not sure a philosophy site
is the proper site, but whatever helps you work out your anger issues.
That’s an important part of recovery is to release and explore your issues.
In time, I am sure you will recover and become a contributing member
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Google “highest per capita rates of gun violence in the US” and this is the very first link that show up. Unlike your link, it lays out pretty clearly and objectively - though the numbers are about 10 years old. In any case, gun violence is not strictly limited to homicides. … s_by_state

Then check out this, which came up like third or fourth in the search list, with more current numbers, but more or less following the same patterns shown on the wiki link: … -rates/10/

i don’t see a single blue state on that list, do you? i think the closest thing you’ll find to a blue state on any list of highest per capita rates of gun violence is Washington D.C., which is a large urban center plagued with gang violence, poverty, and crime.

And yeah, like i said, of course you didn’t know these facts until i told you, because gun advocates essentially lie about this shit all the time, by using the examples of inner cities, which suffer gun violence as a result of factors that have nothing to do with politics - liberal, conservative or otherwise.

Alaska (conservative state / zero gun control) has the highest rate, though like you hinted, 80% of it’s gun deaths (again, gun deaths are not the only type of gun violence) are suicides. So why are red staters shooting themselves dead at such high rates? Could it be that at the end of a bad day when theyre feeling particularly overwhelmed and despondent, all they need to do is open the closet or walk down the road to the local gun depot, grab a handgun and put a round through their brain? Think that’s probably a safe bet.

Alaska proves my point…

Most of the population lives in Anchorage, and when I lived there, more females than males… but only in my age group, in the city.

However, there is a hard tug of war between liberal and conservative policies… the largest being the ban on alcohol in native communities.

Natives have no alcohol tolerance, but they have their booze smuggled in anyway by guys like you and Smears who think they are freedom bandits and are making money at doing a great thing. These communities are highly isolated… spousal stress during frigid cold, long night winters isn’t good… add alcohol and guns, drugs to boot…

When the natives come to the city, many invariably get shitfaced and hammered, and keep on thus cycle. Alaska also attracts those with a shitty history, who think in a last ditch effort they can make it on the frontier. Remember, Joker was going to move up there before I warned him not to.

Many simply can’t take good, lonileness, and the long nights. The death rate isn’t too unusual for Arctic and near subarctic countries. Sweden has a nasty suicide rate too.

But then compare it to say, the Dakotas, where you can easily get out of there… it is a bit different. They have high ownership, low homicide rate. Other states have thus pattern too, because the rural population is using rifles to hunt primarily, and have a culture for safe and responsible carry and use of weapons. They aren’t tabboo or Shane’s, or controversial, quite natural and expected.

Besides, the statistics you provided are substantially skewed, as home defence isn’t listed as homicide (thus would support your platform), while gun ownership is subjective, because many states don’t have mandatory registration, and also because a creepy high amount of murders are by handguns, and many are simply stolen (known because Democrats do tend to push registration).

You gotta go by Democratic districts, not states. In the correct statistics I used above (yours are crap, both for and against both our arguments, you need to find statistics that match the topic), it aimed at regions.

In my state, we have a increasingly higher rate of Republicans over Democrats, mostly due to the last few Democratoc presidents (Bill Destroyed the Northern Industrial areas, Obama the Coal South. Bush didn’t help the recovery, but didn’t outright harm it like they did). The entire state uses guns, of varied types, but mist are rifled. I just don’t mean 1 hunting rifle either… gun owners can own half a dozen guns, most rifles, some pistols… most military grade or above, some quite illegal. Why? Lots of ex military… rest are hunters from a society traditionally drafted for skilled light infantry.

Now, you go to Chicago… or worst, Chicago comes to you, when our police arrest their gangs spellings drugs here, it is submachine guns, or pistols, crazy silencers (they exist here too… for illegal hunting or to pretend your James Bond) but this is mist definitely not what these gang members selling heroine from Chicago are doing… we would largely look the other way if they just came for the venison. They come to kill people. Our state as a result has a disportionate amount of black people in jail as a result (my brother is in too, plan of punching him hard in the face when he gets out for being a relapsing crack head). Most of our crime is committed with pistols, not military grade assault rifles in the US. Hoodlums like how easy they are to conceal, and hard to find once stolen.

Every state has Democratic strongholds, and large Republican areas. Colorado for example… largely Republican save a few cities… but those cities inherited a similar gun culture to what I described above. It rakes time for that to break down. Since Colorado has embraced a drug culture, it should take too long, we will talk again in 10 years on that.

Go by regions. Notice my incest thread, didn’t merely just go bybstates but local party alliegance. My neighborhood in my town still has a large Democratic presence, and corresponding gun violence rates… a white boy shot himself with a stolen pistol, we get a few missed shootings… but 99% of shots fired at hunters, usually illegal hunters. Lots of break-ins, but I haven’t heard of one being shot yet, they tend to stand down rather fast and the fops show up. We also have mandatory safety courses. You can carry concealed, but have to be registered to do so… but we don’t make it difficult either… we want people to own guns, we don’t want to track their purchases, just make certain they know what they are doing, know about hunting regulations and can safely store their guns, and dont have stuff sitting on coffee tables loaded. I’m not scared of the guy with a AR-15 or a military grade, fully automatic rifle… Im scared of the liberal with a pistol selling drugs, or the rich kid wanting to reinact Columbine because none of his frinds get it, and feels alienated, and exists in a escapist workd of First Person Shooters.

If you have a gun safe, and programs designed thriugh you local sheriff to encourage education and access to gun safes, rifle length ones, and encourafe shooting ckubs so the members can befriend and check up on one another, most of the deaths will go away.

A place like california does it dead wrong. I was a military vet, and was wirking security… I had to wait months fir just a basic security licence… a deeply absurd, off the wall test for that licence, 99% of it was absurd and pointless, I am a dubject matter expert on the subject, when I say pointless, I mean pointless… then you have to clae, kick and scream just to get approval to carry a weapon (fuck, even mace), and dont even get me started on a concealed weapon… you gotta either be guarding a democrat ir a movie star (who tend to be democrats)… and they restrict the weapons. End result is… few are registered who possess firearms (not the same as owning) and guess who do most of the homicides? People from democratic neighbirhoods using pistols! Same fucking nrighborhoods the police dont want to patrol in anymore, giving it over to frustrated security guards.

If you put the emphasis on easy rifle ownership, encourage open carry, use of safes and ranges… the pistol phenomena will fade, and shooting will subside. But if you really want it to go away, get rid of the democrats. They are the underlining cause of the white flight, racial tension and manipulation, keeping you stuck in foodstamp hell in ghettos you can’t possibly crawl out of. Their policies dont get you out of poverty, they keep you trapped and dependent so you keep voting for them.

Republicans arent necessarily the solution, but they are less deadly currently, and this is a certain fact, as the real statistics bear out. Hobestky, and small third party can storm into office with the right local leadership and turn things around.

I present you with a path toeards life, whike UPF advocates for your death, which shall it be for you and your family, your community? … er-n586341

Turd, I was making my own bullets before you probably ever held a gun. I know it’s hard for you accept it, but I’m not really the kind of idiot that you like to portray me as in your fantasies. Shooting my dick off while cleaning a gun? Whatever it is that makes you feel good about saying the things that you do makes me feel pity toward you.

i took the class required in my state as the first step towards getting a gun license. It was designed by the NRA and it was interesting, but very little of what i learned could honestly qualify as requisite knowledge for gun ownership and use. Aside from the class, there are two more subsequent steps one must take to get a license: A shooting test and a police interview. Shooting test is pretty objective and makes sense to me. You are scored on how accurately you shoot and you must reach a certain score in order to pass. You don’t make the score, you don’t get a license, tho you are free to continue practicing and retake the test as often as you want until you pass. Like getting a driver’s license. Now i never did the police interview, so i’m not entirely sure what it entails (aside from a trip to police headquarters which can be an intimidating prospect). i do know that anytime the police interviewer denies an application, they are required to give a legal reason. i think a history of institutionalization, a long criminal record, and surely other things in that vein are disqualifiers. i don’t know every restriction, but i’m sure some are justifiable and some unfair - that tends to be the way these things go. In any case, i never got a gun, though i enjoy shooting, because it was too much hassle to go through in order to acquire something i don’t actually need, and you know what? i think one less armed person makes a safer world, even if i am the one unarmed. Gun control works. Last time i checked (maybe a year or so ago) my state had the fourth lowest gun violence rate in the nation. And my state is pretty universally Democratic district by district - so i don’t really believe your theory holds much water. Just because large cities tend to be Democratic places doesn’t mean that Democratic politics are to blame for violence and poverty. Those are things that afflict portions of most major cities regardless of where you go. Following that logic, it would in fact be the fault of Republican politics that many rural, Republican districts in the South are among the most welfare dependent in the nation! Is that what you think?

Of course gun control works, just look at Australia.

It is an established fact that access to guns is a huge potentiation for suicide, especially among young adults. Equally obvious is that access to guns generally is going to result in increase in gun-relates crimes.

There is a myth that more guns means more deterrence and less crime, but this isn’t born out by the facts. However, I support the right to own a gun for self-defense, provided certain checks and measures are in place, including criminal background checks and gun registration, and there should be far more limits and regulations than there already are: for example to have a gun in your home, if there are children around, should be regulated as to how that gun must be stored.

Gun ownership used to be an issue of the standing militia, where the populace could mobilize locally against threats of foreign armies. Also due to a relatively small or non-existent police force in the past, each person had more need to defend his land and property and execute frontier justice upon criminals.

Today those factors don’t really apply anymore, so the idea that gun ownership is needed for those former reasons is logically erroneous. We don’t need guns to substitute for police, and we don’t need to exercise frontier justice against criminals, and we don’t need to band together local militias to resist foreign invaders. And if you think your little cache of guns is going to protect you from the government assuming it wanted to come after you, then you’re idiotically naive. But it still makes sense that people can have a personal firearm for self-defense and peace of mind, since self-defense is a cornerstone value of a rational society and should be important to any individual. Also guns are fun and people enjoy using them, so assuming there are strong(er) laws and limits to gun access and ownership, it makes sense to keep guns in a more limited extent.

As to the politics of urban gun violence, yes of course this is poverty and culturally driven violence heavily influenced by drug use and drug selling. When you live in a poor crime-ridden urban area you better have a gun to protect yourself, and when people don’t have choices for jobs and education they are incentivized to turn to crime. Plus we have a culture that somewhat glorifies poverty and street crime, and a conservative-based reticence to spend social funds on programs that might actually address poverty and education gaps. The wealthy own the cultural and entertainment industries and these industries constantly spit out works and memes that glorify anti-social tendencies, crime, “fight the man”, drug dealing inner city criminals have big guns and big dicks and get more respect than you do, etc. etc. These kind of messages reinforce current generational poverty issues. But the problem isn’t only conservatives and their implicit racism and narcissism, but liberals also share blame in how they use the poor as a political prop and tend to throw money at problems whether or not that’s actually working. And of course the wealthy are both liberal and conservative, since wealth and capitalism doesn’t care what political party or personal ideological pathologies and biases you might have.

Yes, and greater access to forks will lead to an increase in fork related crimes. The reality is, violent crime is on a 20 year decline in the U.S… There is no problem in America that requires a gun control solution.

See this is the kind of hyperbole that muddies the waters and gives an emotional “out” to avoid letting the significance of the facts sink in.

So let’s see the facts:

In just 2015 alone, around 13,000 people were killed by guns. Some from homicide, others accidents and others suicides. That’s around 35 people a day dying from guns in the US.

Compare this to terrorism deaths, which gets way more attention and “concern” from conservatives. In a 10 year span when 71 Americans were killed in terrorist incidents on US soil, over 300,000 Americans were killed by gun violence.

Or another, that there have been over 100 mass shootings in metro areas in the US in just a single year.

Need I continue? I didn’t think so. I’ll provide you references for those numbers if you are unable for some reason to do your own research.

I honestly have no idea how you can be so dismissive of gun violence in the US. You act as if it’s no big deal. Tell that to the 40% or so of Americans who know somehow who has been killed by a firearm. Or the 700 children who have been killed by guns in just a single year alone.

Actually, it doesn’t. Forks are ubiquitous. Everybody has them and uses them, from small children to hardened criminals - and the more people we have, the more forks there are laying around. Yet, how many actual crimes are committed using forks? i doubt there are statistics available because the number can safely be assumed to be statistically insignificant. On the contrary, as the number of guns people have and use rises, so does the number of gun related injuries and deaths. i can think of several reasons why that is probably the case, but i won’t start a litany, i just wanted to point out that your analogy doesn’t work. Looking at the statistics, guns generate their own violence whereas forks do not.

Except for the problem of gun deaths and injuries, the number of which has risen despite the overall decline in violent crimes, and can safely be expected to surpass auto deaths and injuries within the next few years.

Yes but the pro-gun crowd doesn’t care about any of that. Their position doesn’t even exist, it’s just an emotional outlet.

So I remind you that violent crime is on the decline, and you call that hyperbole and respond with the same information (violent crime rates) with the usefulness (compared to previous years) stripped out of it?

You’re the one relying on emotivism here, trusting that peopel reading this will react with “Holy shit! 13,000 people! That’s so much!” But it isn’t. It’s low compared to previous decades in the U.S.

Yes, terrorism violence is a new thing, and on the rise. New problems on the rise are the sorts of things we address with new solutions, not problems on the decline that peaked 20 years ago. So for example, I am sure more people died from the flu than from ebola in the U.S. this year. I hope to hell if we had 4 ebola deaths in 2016, you would not respect “Far more people die from the flu so who cares”.

I agree. Your tactics are too old and transparent to be of any use in a conversation with me.

If you’re going to base your position on how you imagine the person behind some words on a screen is acting or feeling, perhaps don’t open with condemning emotivism. That is literally all you provided- big numbers you hope sound scary with no context.

More than if there weren’t any forks? That’s Wyld’s amazing point- letting people have guns leads to an increase of criminal activity with guns. Yeah, I know it’s stupid, I’m just pointing it out.

Except that violent crime is on a multiple-decade decline. There is no rise that needs new legislation to address. Yes, places that have more guns will see a greater proportion of their crimes and injuries committed with guns. See above with the forks.

You can think of several reasons why greater proliferation of an object leads to greater use of that object? Wow. … 624_v4.png … apGuns.png … -Chart.png


Glad it took you so long to come up with your reply, despite your quick activity in other threads.

I’ll just get right to the point… I’m not interested. Sorry, try not to take it personal.

Have a nice day.