Liberation is Freedom

To be truly liberated like the word liberated says,we must be free. We must have freedom, but this freedom is really what pulls us into this world. Therefore, it is important to be free from the world, free from all communications which are unnecessary.

If we look around us, we will find that there is a complete holocaust of communications, a tsunami of communications which makes us think all the time and we are not able to be free from thoughts. The thought revolution is wild, and because of that we are so attached to this world that we start worrying about what the world thinks of us, how we look, how others perceive us. We must be free from the world’s impression of us; free from desires, free from cravings, free
of this illusion called the world, knowing that this world starts and ends as a drama, as a movie and the screen projects in a three dimensional manner whatever is happening. We must be free from all responsibilities and duties because these responsibilities and duties make us the human body that we are not, and stop us from being the spirit that we truly are - the soul, the atman, the spirit. We must be free from the ego; the ego that says - I and mine; the ego that destroys the spirit that we truly are and makes us the human form. We should be free from actions and let all actions be controlled by the divine power, the master as a karma yogi, as one who surrenders as a flute to let the master play his music. Finally, we should be free from all attachments because these attachments are the ones which pull us back into the samsaar or the world.

Therefore, if one wants liberation - the word liberation itself means freedom, then we must have freedom; when there is freedom, there will be liberation.


The word “liberation” does not mean “freedom”. The suffix “ion” always means a process. So the noun “liberation” means the noun of “making free” or “getting free”.

I think that the word means more in the sense of being delivered from…as in delivered from shackles, imprisonment, a life without personal freedom…

One doesn’t necessarily have to have freedom to be liberated - it’s kind of putting the cart before the horse, I think.
But one has to have at least a sense that one can be free or a sense of inner freedom in order to do what’s necessary to be “free”.

The so-called pigs were liberated in Animal Farm but where did that get them? Without the inner sense of personal freedom and autonomy, they became shackled once again.

Liberation may lead to freedom but it just depends what you do next. That’s just the first step in becoming free.

Freedom from thinking is essential, imo, for true autonomy to occur. We are conditioned since birth by languages of all sorts. Both direct (such as verbal communication) but especially indirect, such as watching our mother freak out when looking at a bug. And so from birth we are copying what everyone else is doing, and one cannot think oneself out of this conditioning, since our language is saturated with this conditioning.

But when verbal thinking is arrested, we see life again for the first time. Unfortunately, unconscious processes are still going on during such a moment (we never really stop dreaming, we simply wake up from the dream world and shove it under the rug, so to speak). And that’s where deep periods of no-though must come into play, so that the dream world/unconscious can start to bubble up and pour out of us.

psychedelic drugs can do wonders as well.

I remember how I used to think I was such a “free thinker” when I was younger, treasuring my autonomy more than anything else in this world. And yet I never once asked myself if my thoughts even came from me. Rebel? No, absolutely not. Just a reactionary. The greatest rebellion there can be is to simply be without effort.

Directed effort aka will is important. It takes you places very few are privy to. Heaven. Hell. Here which is my Hell.

I only partially agree here.

Freedom from ego is essential, right. But it is a tough journey, many would rather die than embark on it. But it is also the ego that makes such a journey possible.

More freedom in the world depends thus on an individual and inner revolution first. People have to stop willing to change the outside without addressing the inside.

Define ego.

If you want to be free of your body, there’s a proper way to do it, it involves a tall building greater than 3 stories.

and you told me in another thread that you understand metaphysics? fine with me. but we are two different animal.

The ego exists not to get rid of but overcome it one step at the time, thats the only meaning of life, and it is a tough journey. Most highly spiritual persons will agree with that.

so when you assert that you cannot wait for AI to take over meaningless humans, sorry I do see the metaphysics there.

Sorry but please define ego for me.

I never said I wanted an AI takeover, I said they are inferior, biologically, to humans.

I want my mind to be free. Not my body. I want to acquire as much knowledge and wisdom as possible before I die. That is my goal in life
And then Death can take me to the place that is eternal pain free non consciousness where I will be for the rest of time and beyond it too

Obviously for AI is non biological but they will though be cognitively superior to us

Doubt it. They might be better at math though.

Doubt it.