Buddhism 101
There is no liberation that can be attained
Obstacles do not exist other than through fabrication.

Quote from Buddha “Likewise, there is… no attainment and also no non-attainment.”

TheStumps 101

I’m aware of the Buddhist stance.
It is never the less consequent that the obsticles that don’t exit do for a great many minds, or that they seek a trancendence from a great number of experiences that are cardinal to being human fully.
I see nothing to trancend, only allow.
I need not move over, against, or with water.
I need only to be in it and allow for over, under, with, and against to happen acceptingly, and with respect for their facilitation of the experience.

It is as I said before; a difference of only perspective.
Chiefly articulation of the concept.
When liberation, or suffering, or attainment are said; constructs in the minds of most seem to occur to which many respected leaders must spend a great deal of time undoing.

Yep, I cannot fault that statement.

When I have a discussion, I am primarily focused on trying to understand what that person is saying.
I do not have a great philosophical point of view to push (each to their own).
I ask questions in order to get a response (people often take this as critics).
My friends regularly makes jokes about how I always ask questions – they know that this comes from a desire to understand.

When a person stops asking and begins telling - that is when their spirit dies.

You are an amazing person TheStumps – please do not stop asking.

Those seem to have been great insights worth poeticizing. The first makes me think of that great line from Richard Wilbur’s poem, “Beasts”: Beasts in their major freedom; and the dreams of moon and water so natural to beasts turn monstrous in the cities of men.

Perhaps there is a moonlit dance for us who feel the push and pull of life, the dance of Shiva or that of Yeats’ Minnaloushe under the moon. Maybe it’s lunar syntax, that of the great ancient myths as told by Thomas Mann, that we yearn for when we become blinded in the sun of too much shiny, laboratory language.

Agreed.(with balance)
Thank you.

Thank you, and please don’t stop asking yourself.:wink: (though, if you are anything like my wife…you can’t help it. lol)

This part just reminded me of an old phrase…it’s not directly related, but it reminded me of it: moon-set pellet gun.

In what way?


Sorry, I don’t know what that is.

The idea is that the language of the moon is different from that of the sun.

Thomas Mann’s monumental sacred-style work Joseph and His Brothers represents a different kind of retelling of that famous biblical account because it is partly historical “faction” and partly a retelling and reworking of the one myth in conjunction with many others. It stands as one of the great works of the last hundred years if only because of Mann’s description and use of what he calls “lunar syntax,” which is basically the idea that history is made and told while the sun shines, while myth, religion, and fine-speech storytelling weave themselves in the more dreamscape atmosphere and influence of the moon. Thus, we see the importance and utter beauty of the women as moon goddesses, with the men making myths out of the oral tradition under the spell of the moon.

I hope that helps. O:)

Sorry,i am unable to understand.