licking Nietzsche's Berliner...

Do you eat donuts?

  • I eat donuts! Yummie!
  • I don’t eat donuts! 'nuf said.
  • Are you testing for Sound, Katharena?
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Well while you’re thinking, think me a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut with some of those little sprinkles on top, will you? [size=75]–Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive[/size]

Mundane babble, et alii…
doughnut, donut is easy enough to describe – in and of itself – but, what (exactly) does a donut taste like? Sweet and soft doesn’t seem to cut it, descriptive-wise, as that describes a lot of things. Surely a donut has it’s own (exclusive) taste – wouldn’t want to confuse it with a marshmallow or Twinkie. At first, it seemed easy to describe the taste of a donut, but it turned out to be a bit more complex. One could spend hours contemplating the taste of a donut and not be able to describe it.

Nietzsche? He didn’t eat donuts…

Hello F(r)iends,

Mmmm… Jelly Donuts. - Homer Simpson.


No, he was too busy playing the piano…

Donuts for the win.

Let me see. Donuts are difficult to describe satisfactorily. Nietzsche didn’t eat donuts. Hence Nietzsche didn’t experience the donutic difficulty. I take that as metaphor expressing the point that Nietzsche oversimplified things. That assumption has never occured to me before, it’s not about to stay with me either. You must realise that Nietzsche wrote over 10 books and 1000 posts of mine don’t add up to one at all, neither in quantity or quality. ‘The truth is boring and simple, that many find difficult to accept’, this is an approximate quote of him, this also you must know. What is complex and dazzling, or should I say creative and confusing, is not necessarily true. That’s a mistake that people just love to make. They make it when they read poem, watching films, or just in the mood for love, or being overly humble. It’s not surprising that they make this mistake most frequently and intensely when they philosophise, especially when they metaphysicise. Now it’s time to think about what he meant when he wrote ‘some errors actuslly transform and establish themselves as truth in time’.

Behold, let me see again. Are you in fact assuming Nietzsche’s pedanty and mocking about it? If so, I would advise you to try to understand that being the pedant is the only way leadind to groundbreaking creativity and realisation.

Nietzsche is perfect either way.

The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it. [size=75]–Thus Spoke Nietzsche[/size]

Pick a donut, any donut…
these are all Berliners, 'cuz the thread title is “licking Nietzsche’s Berliner…”

  • glazed cinnamon apple filled
  • chocolate iced custard filled
  • glazed lemon filled
  • glazed rasperry filled
  • powdered blueberry filled
  • powdered strawberry filled
  • key lime pie filled with nuts on top
  • carmel filled with nuts on top
  • New York cheesecake filled with nuts on top

if you have a “nut” allergy, stay away from the donuts! You cannot do donuts if you are doing Atkins or SouthBeach – but, you can choose one, just to be sociable, but no licking.

:confused: Nietzsche wrote a book on the Celebration of Laughter, did he not. Rest assured this thread has no hidden agenda or meaning. 'tis just about the taste of donuts, or licking Nietzsche’s Berliner…

I have heard donuts well-described as tiny edible wheels… but that tells us nothing of their taste.

Are we looking for a poetic answer or a scientific one?

Have to divide up the donut structurally - the outside (the crust, effectively) is different to the fluffier inside, and the jam is a whole other ballpark.

Then you’ve got the fact that a New York donut and a Paris donut and a Moscow donut and a Jakarta donut aren’t the same. Well, in fact an Asda donut and a Sainsbury’s donut aren’t the same. For the pedantic, the Asda ones have superior dough, and the jam seems identical.

If we had one canonical donut from which to work we’d have a chance, but free enterprise has scuppered us at the first hurdle.

I’ve no idea what you are on about. No, he did not write a book on that.

I’ve no idea of the text of which you are thinking. Nietzsche proposed a theory that comedy is the antidote to nihilism (sort of) but he never titled a book like that.

That may be a problem – that “one donut” from which to extract its true taste, its essence. A variety of international donut-tasters will be needed to select a donut and describe the taste – to the best of their vocabulary. btw, from your post, I had to look up Asda and Sainsbury (didn’t have a clue, like diggers and cashpoint on another thread).

imo, Humor rules in Nietzsche-dom. Niezsche is actually funnier than George Carlin and has the bite of Lewis Black, imo. And he didn’t eat donuts – he never licked the gooey filling oozing out the hole of a freshly powdered Berliner. btw, isn’t Thus Spoke Zarathustra a Celebration of Laughter, Nietzsche-wise?

something fun – like a donut, something unforgetable – like the taste of a donut.

in a manner of speaking it is… but it is more about laughter taking its position after understanding the futility of embrasing the tragic…

zarathustra had to go down…


Dear Kathareno

For clarification purposes

Asda - Supermarket chain ultimately owned by Wal Mart
Sainsbury’s - Supermarket chain owned by British interests
Cashpoint - Hole in the wall wherein one puts ones card, types a number and instructions and receives cash from ones account
Digger - Big yellow vehicle used on building sites, primarily

What we need is some sort of donut conference where we can all sample similar donuts and decide upon one type which will be the target of our descriptive attempt. Then we can spend a few months eating said brand of donuts and cogitating and playing with words, then we need another conference to pool our resources and try to form a description which satisfies our requirements

More a celebration of song, I feel.

I was referring more so to the account of Nietzsche refusing to eat donuts because his fingers would get sticky and he wanted to play the piano. He was allegedly a talented pianist.

I appreciate your explaination Katharena. Personally the Nietzschean humor is not for laughter of the mouth but the heart. As impenitent wrote, the Nietzschean laughter isn’t equavelent to comedy, but rather bitter, solitary and solenm realisation. It’s a previlege for those who live above the herd, hence not for the herdl. So I think it’d be a mistake to compare the Nietzschean humor to the common herdish writers, the best one could do is probably try to find some Nietzschean laugh in Groucho Marx. Again, reading Nietzsche for me isn’t a laughing experience, rather more frequently, the opposite.

[size=150]Oct. 15 – a Birthday to Celebrate!
Time to lick Nietzsche’s Berliner…
mmmm, Yummie![/size]

I read Nietzsche when I need a breath of fresh air… We go for long walks in the woods together. Sometimes we take Neruda – just to spice things up a bit (that guy ate a lot of donuts, btw).:wink:

LOL Katharena, may the wishes go out to him wherever he is. The birth of a true intellectual genius, a ripe October man whose ideas were so ripe so that they flooded into his head uninvited, and being expressed so brilliantly into ink by this head. The ink that has power larger than life itself, equivalent in volume, Nietzscheanly speaking, as “earth” itself.

So did someoneisatthedoor spelled your name. I say this to those who spell Nietzsche and Uniqor wrong all the time: try to get it right you suckface.

That was really nice, Uniqor! :sunglasses:

“So long as you are praised think only that you are not yet on your own path, but on that of another.” --Nietzsche

When the man talks, he talks about the herd. His criticism applies to the herd and the herd only. Uniqor is whatever, but not the herd.