life as we know it

two years ago
we died
my posters were torn
my little brother cried

four years ago
we kissed
the stars were clear as day
so was the conversation

six years ago
we rode
stops at the gas station
to resuscitate our galvanized games

eight years ago
we read
back when worry eroded us
starving us for information

ten years ago
we lied
i did not steal the cookies
from the kitchen’s jar

twelve years ago
we dressed
the knee socks and plastic schoolbags
the beginning of an obsolete education

fourteen years ago
we swam
in the sands of time
in the waves of carolina

sixteen years ago
we looked
one another in the hospital
i kissed the glass

eighteen years ago
we loved
your father and our mother
for their love given

twenty years ago
we conceived
gathered our information
contacted the architect

Bravisimo OK Computer!

I think this is my fav poem of yours I have had the pleasure reading. You are among the most consistently creative and talented writers I’ve encountered on this site and I always look forward to new offerings from you.

–keep up the stellar work,

I feel like :blush:

thank you for your kind comments!

they have made me smile for the first time today, thank you.