Life is just a temporally insignificant period of existence in between the infinity of non existence before conception and the infinity of non consciousness after death The I that becomes self aware is so for no time at all relative to these two infinities . So every single life is therefore a very small point on the spectrum of Existence that has always existed and will always exist too . This is just how it is and is why I simply accept it and so have no problem with leaving this life and passing into the infinite state of non consciousness known as death when that time finally comes . And the great paradox is that nearly everything within Existence will eventually die but Existence itself can never die so there is no reason why the human species should not die . In the grand scheme of things we are not special we only think we are

Yes but did you really have to remind me of this? I was having such a good day - minus the 87 hours I spent in line at the DMV this morning - and then I read this thread. Thanks alot, Camus. Really.

Oh, but the adventure never ends. Here We’re only beginning to get a glimpse of how wondrous and sacred the next beyond is. And to make this world, the real, living, breathing, conscious world more endowed with the finest elegance and workmanship is a gamma ray blast to the next station of power and expansion.

Be strong, do not succumb to thy creation, but encompass it,
be affirmative in thy actions, do not divide nor multiply, be as Thou art,
praise Thy being, love Thy Self.

So what you are saying is that there is no value in being alive because of the infinity of space and time? I always that that it was the infinity of space and time that was unimportant because of the value of being alive.

Isn’t there a relativity theory issue here? Aren’t values relative?


Why can existence never die? How are you defining it ~ in terms of life on Earth and the universe and all that that encompasses or in terms of something else?

May be the definition of existence does not contain Existence, where the former is fleeting, agreed, but the latter is contained in the former , while containing it.


Existence = Living
Non-Existence = Non-Living

Because of there two opposites they’re locked in eternal infinity and can’t become one another. If somehow we were to be conscious of our after-life we’d need our reality to become truth as by natural law. That would mean in not living we’d experience something of a void or a deep sleep and become aware of this. Living where there’s no life or what we think to be existence again. We’re more than aware of our consciousness yet was it to not survive like a spirit does and haunt this realm? I don’t necessarily believe we’d not exist in a different form but yet transform into something more unique and probably find proof of an after-life in which we do meet somewhere and are now realizing life after death.