Life Land

Welcome to Life Land
you’re a whole lotta lost
tho you can’t scream yer lost
cuz wherever you look
u can’t find no “I’m”
but that doesn’t stop
those fear bells’ chime

Welcome to Life Land
your’e in it alone
we’re in it together
twilight’n the zone
the ups are a downer
depending on you
you’re an out-of-towner
pretending you’re you

There’s no real point
and no way to ask it
there’s no real sun
and no way to bask it
there’s no real fun,
just fun on the run,
when you run for the fun
of the fun of the run

It’s a large gray indoor theme park
it’s a free-for-all,
it’s a stacked deck for fat heck
so be ready to fall
it’s the sickness unbearable
when you see thru the ruse
and the ruse is that winning
is really a lose

We can try to be brave
or try to be saved
or try to be zen
till we cry at its grave
We are fools to the last
As we run real fast
and play out our games
in the roles we are cast

It is everything and nothing
damned either way
it’s a sickening stop action
man made of clay
sprout up from the nowhere
and therefrom he goes
living and learning and
looking for clothes

Some will go west
some will go slow
some will shoot bullets
some will huff snow
some will collect
some will contrive
but no one will get out
of Life Land alive

And in the end
it’s all up to you
a terrible freedom
a terrible truth
one day you’ll be tired
and ready to die
the next day inspired
and ready to fly
you’ll master the angle
of your spherical gaze
and through choice and will
you’ll build your okays

But it’s just a struggle
for at last you’ll find
Life Land is a hell
and hell isn’t kind

When the demons betray you
and the story loops hideous
and the workers are ground up
and you’re smothered too
when the psychotic witches
weave quixotic brew
there’s only one thing
you have left to do

Close your eyes
let yourself go
smile gently
because you know
that nothing can stop you
from imagining god
as endless love
whether he exists or not
your mind fills with light
and you are safe
you levitate
you are safe

The part of you
that needs love gives sway
to the part of you
capable of giving love away
Fuck you Life Land
I live another day!

It’s not terrible. I honestly don’t regret reading it. I think it really sums up your philosophy concisely. Being that your name is Gamer, I almost wonder if it is the accumulation of something that started when you made this account. I mean if you’ve hit your peak with this life-as-a-game philosophy (which I know is far more complex than "life-as-game would imply) then you probably feel good about it, secure. But, if you peaked then the only place to go is downhill for a while - as in backtracking - or drastic change - before you can peak again.

  1. “It’s not terrible I honestly don’t regret reading it”

Jeez thanks for settling that matter Stu

  1. Who are you that you can comment so accurately on me. Did you used to have a diff name? I find it odd that I barely know you and you are able to comment on my journey from 2004-now

I promise you that I have had absolutely no online presence in any philosophy forum before 8/2012, nor had I ever read any posts on such forums. From the nineties to 8/12 I probably wrote less online than I did during any given month of my time here on ilp.

Fine but wtf is with the name StuartP523. If someone built a humanoid robot designated for the purpose of selling insurance he would probably call his invention StuartP523. I mean he’d sort of have to, and it’s not even the kind of thing he’d be happy about, but the result of acquiescing to the needs of shareholders and something to do with a drawn out debate with a marketing team. I now feel sad for fictional robot-maker guy for having to name his life’s work StuartP523. But welcome to ILP anyway.

Gamer, this reminds me of something John Cooper Clarke wrote. He considers himself to be - after Shakespeare and possibly Chaucer - the finest poet this nation has created. He couldn’t hold a candle to the “stuff” you write. Having spent the evening drinking, I promised myself that I would not post on ILP. Admirable.

Prost my Limey brother, and know that all things worthy are equally rare. And know that the expression “balls deep” is elusive, as it must mean, according to Kant, that thou phallus is categorically too small, or as Hume opines, thy vaginal opening too cavernous. In other words “balls deep” can only bespeak trouble. Better to seek a 3/4 shaftal incursion, and as true as this is for coitus, it’s triple-true for poetry.


Colonel Jarvis Peterson
Apple Brigade
Pimm Lane
Kilarney, Switzerland STOP George Bailey STOP needs help STOP

Ah I’m 42 and the simple joy of writing anything I want with no consequence never gets old. Long live freedom of the press.

Actually, the explanation is in my above post. In the late 90s I spent a couple months occasionally trying to make conversation on random chat rooms. I recall that the their was an enormous number of accounts, so I found that it was necessary to put numbers and letters after my account name. In 8/2012 I did a search for philosophy forums (having finished reading Being and Nothingness for maybe the fifth time and wanting to share my knowledge), I spent about two minutes looking at others’ posts before deciding to make an account, so it never occurred to me that in small websites I could choose virtually any name I wanted, so I went with stuartp523 and as I moved onto and then ilp I thought I would just keep a consistent account name so as to avoid confusion in the larger philosophical community. So you wonder about me being one to hang onto ideas and do more reading online than writing and is just isn’t so. I look back to a year ago and it seems like looking back ten years. By the way, I still don’t like the internet, I hate it with a slow churning revulsion. I wish I knew French and lived in Paris, maybe there I could turn off my computer for good!! (With that I’ll end this long unnecessary description.)

Edit: I see that you’re back to the classics.