Life's a ride

There’s lots of confused retards in the world. They are so overwhelmed by their circumstances, that lose all perspective and screw themselves and everyone around them up in the process. Confused retards ought not be idealized. Understanding ought be sought, so one can make informed decisions.

You don’t need to survive. You don’t need to die. You don’t need to be happy. You don’t need to be unhappy. You don’t need an objective. You don’t need purpose. You don’t need to be honest. You don’t need to be dishonest. etc etc etc

All these things are shit we build.

Living organisms are the other things with bias. Beyond us, all is neutral, for there’s nothing to make value judgements. There’s no intent, no objective.

All these assholes who preach fear, they’re lost. They don’t have any perspective and understanding. The scramble around in desperation, spewing out their filth, shitting over everyone, without any hope of progress or stability.

Survival for the sake of survival is retarded. Any retard who tells you to perpetuate life if it only entails bullshit - suffering, ignorance, cruelty, madness - , is just that, a retard. Who the fuck would want to perpetuate madness, apart from the mad? Any rational being, would understand that awareness isn’t what is truly of value, but rather the contents of one’s awareness.

Anyone worth their weight, understands the true nature of our existence. Understands that we’re simply the product of natural selection. We evolved as we did not due to intent, but due to circumstance.

Anything that died wasn’t wrong, rather, different. Anything that survived wasn’t right, rather, different.

Some of us have evolved to a state where we can rationally choose whether we want to survive or die. Based on our own will and values.

Life’s an addiction, and it’s up to us if we want to perpetuate the addiction

Given the circumstances, the only basis for our values is our own body. It’s your body, you decide what you want to do with it. There’s nothing beyond your own interests that dictate an objective.

We’re natural. Everything we do is natural. We’re not some false being, and nothing we do is false.

Retards out there deny that we’re animals, and they’re fundamentally religious. They want to separate us from our environment. Say we’re some special being that exists beyond our circumstances.

That’s complete bullshit.

We all need water, air, food. Our bodies show all the same shit of other animals. We’re not beyond animals.

Whenever we reach new heights, we raise the bar in regards to the capacity of animals. Some animals are pretty fucking neat.

Wikipedia - Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia or Metazoa.

UMAD? Thought so.

We’re an ignorant species. We don’t understand reality accurately. We don’t know what’s beyond our present state of existence.

All we can do, is act to the best of our knowledge, best of our understanding.

We don’t need to hide away, and turn our backs. We’re well adapted to our circumstances. All these life deniers are unhealthy and unprepared to accept and embrace themselves. It’s tragic, but they must find their own feet.

It’s OK to take risks, it’s OK to mess up. We can learn, grow, and reach new heights. If you don’t act, you will fade away. We’re not suited to be idle or caged.

We can live however we’re willing to live. Our only limit is ourselves. It’s your call if you want to sell yourself short for safety.


Your choice.

I’ve already made mine.

What’s your choice? :-k

I fear.

I fear death.

I fear mental and physical disease.

I fear not being able to pay my bills on time.

Although I value solitude immensely, I fear being extricated from the gene pool.

I fear I won’t be able to accomplish something of artistic or intellectual consequence before I die.

I fear and loathe those in authority, but at the same time, I also fear those who aren’t afraid, or who’re less afraid of authority.

I fear the unknown, although I’m also enticed by it.

I fear.

Fear gives me hope, fear gives me strength, fear keeps me alive.

I’m infatuated with fear.

Without fear, life would be impossible.

Those who deny fear, are those most driven by it.

They’re the biggest cowards and weaklings of em all.

That being said, I value positive emotion too.

It’s all about balance, must everything with you be so simple (black/white, good/evil)?

Who’s afraid of a little fear?

Again, it’s all about balance, there’s a time to work and a time to play.

You want to spend your life reading comic books and playing video games.

Well, that’s fine, if your parents are rich, but how long can you sustain that?

10 years… 15, as your body/mind atrophy, decay, as you grow old and sickly?

Eventually, you have to get a job, eventually, you’ll want to get a girl, eventually, you’ll want to produce, and reproduce, and then suddenly, getting to level 99 and saving princess peach for the umpteenth time, will seem of little or no consequence.

I’m not an absolutist, not everything we think and feel has to do with survival, but almost all of it has something to do with it, consciously or subconsciously, directly or indirectly, all our loves, all our hates, all our hopes, all our fears, or we wouldn’t be. This will become more apparent to you as you get older… if you get older, you could die tomorrow, you could die at anytime, but before you go, will you be able to say - 'twas a life well lived? I spent my time wisely? You want paradise, you want happily ever after, you want utopia, but such things are not, only in your bible, only in your comic books. Rather, life is an endless cycling between good and evil, one would be impossible without the other. We can pursue good, but we can’t forget about evil. Evil is inevitable… evil is necessary.

How to destroy your enemy;
“Inspire them to love that which hates them and hate that which loves them.”


You’re a parrot. You parrot that which you have not deeply considered. You may be the fifth or sixth person to parrot to me the same group of assertions.

You’re brainwashed, and unwilling to let go or even consider letting go of your retarded assumptions,

I’ll tell you something. People are predictable. We’re all same. After you understand one, you understand all.

I love my family, and honestly don’t care to bring new people into my life. I already have enough. My nephew is like a son to me.

As a hermit, I have grown to value my own company. I have developed internally to the point where the most interesting person I’ve met is myself. I am internally warm. I live more meaning in my isolation, and do more of value, than I could ever do amongst the general populace, or fools like you.

What bothers me? An overabundance of energy. With the knowledge that I am but one of the collective, I want to share myself with others. I am deeply rewarded when I’ve helped others. Not only does it feel good to see another happier and healthier, but I have expressed part of myself.

You think I’m a piece of shit, but that’s because you have no comprehension with what I do with my time. I’m constantly creating in many forms. Thsi is another means of expression and joy. I could pick one of my hobbies out and define myself by it. Say this is what I do, and if I were to show to others, they’d call me a specialist. But I’m not a specialist, I’m a generalist.

The only thing stopping me from specializing and joining the market, is my own wisdom and ideals. I don’t want to be caught up in the bullshit. You’re a slave, and you think you need to be a slave in order to be productive. You’re sorely mistaken.

You have no comprehension of my goals, or me. You’re still stuck as an infant rolling around in your shit, smearing it on everyone else.

I am already satisfied with my life. It’s the journey that I value. To express myself. I’ve written about it, that striving for what you believe in is success, regardless of result.

You can keep flinging shit, but all that’s happening here, is I’m losing respect for you.

Anti wasn’t speaking personally to you, Joe.
And he is not a “parrot”.

All that anyone can ever do is try.
And nothing can die until it fails to try.

Don’t get distracted into trying what prevents you from continuing to try.
That is the “ride”.

I’m quite confident he was speaking about me. He parroted the accusations of many retards I’ve encountered.

What makes you think he wasn’t?

“Anti-paranoia” - the presumption of innocence.

That’s all fine and dandy Joe, I’m a bit of a hermit too, myself.

I’m selfish and hedonistic too, we all are.

I believe in balancing hedonism and asceticism… to keep healthy.

There’s more to life than mindless self indulgence, survival has intrinsic value, so does knowledge. Too much food and drink can give you a tummy ache… or diabetes, or cancer, or heart attack, or stroke. Too little mental and physical exercise can atrophy minds and bodies. Too little contact with others and the physical world, can make one unprepared to deal with anyone or thing. Joe, it’s ok to admit your biggest motive for not entering the market is selfish hedonism.

Without interactions, what’s there to interpret?

Without an other, how can one know oneself?

The unlived life, isn’t worth examining.

Balance, Joe, I’m not saying anyone should give up who and what they are, or what they love, I’m talking, balance.

I respect you for that, James.

However, I do disagree with you.

If you were aware of the conversations I’ve been having in recent history at KTS, and here, I believr you’d immediately recognize the insults.

Anti entered the thread I wrote, with the intent to accuse me.

Starting from - ‘Those who deny fear’, he’s insulting me.

It is most evident when he starts saying ‘You’. As in, me.


You have no idea how I live my life.

Don’t be so arrogant to tell me I need balance.

Time will teach you things no one can.

You have more to fear than fear itself, a hell of a lot more.

In some ways animals are beyond us also. I talked about something similar in the arguments against self determination thread. Almost anything I said there seems relative here too.

Satyr defines fear like a retard. One of his points, however, is that fear is directed towards the unknown.

Therefore, I can’t expect you, or him, to justify what there is to be afraid of, because neither of you know. You just look into your ignorance and react with fear.

All you can do is speak in this unspecific language because in reality, you don’t KNOW shit. You have no idea if your fear is justified.



We ARE animals. Read the definition.

I’m a determinist, so anything you’ve written about determination will relate to my ideas.

Even though allot of things are uncertain or unknown, we still have some of the stuff that people call “solid facts”. Now, I’m not saying we have solid facts, I’m saying, some people think that, and say that. I’m certain that we know less than 0.01% of the knowable. But this has implications. One implication is that we should act always in modesty and humility, because we should know our place. We are insects in the universe or less. Also we should be cautious, since things can wipe out a life fairly easily. Yet even when a person gains a small amount of power, they can be spoiled by it. I think truth is about as mythical as power and strength, but, we have something. We have human-truth and human-strength. We can hardly have anything else other than just that. It’s so minor some people really don’t like to think about it.

I gave you a list, would you like more?

People can, and will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate you.

Women, people and employers can reject you, and no, just because they reject you, doesn’t mean it’s their loss, sometimes, it’s your loss, Joe, your loss, because you needed them, whether it was for sex, money, or companionship, you needed them more than they needed you, and then it’ll be your loss.

The radio waves from your cell phone and computer screen can kill you.

The drugs you take for your narcissism, schizophrenia and depression can kill u.

Food, drink and smoke can kill you, in the wrong proportions, or the wrong sorts.

Governments and economies can collapse, governments and economies can, and will, when the time is right, destroy you or enslave you, when they take your disability or welfare check away, you’re completely dependent on.

Go to certain neighborhoods, venture beyond your filthy little hovel, and you’ll meet people who’re more than willing and able to kill you for a nickel.

Being unemployed for long periods of time, makes one unskilled, retarded, stunted, unfit to deal with the real world, of banks, commerce and toil.

You think you’re safe in your hovel, but you’re not even safe there, you’re in for a real treat, Joe, when life forces you to take part in the real world.

You best acquaint yourself with it, little by little, familiarize yourself with it, with alcoholics, drug addicts and psychopaths, or they’ll tear you life from limb.

But it’s just a ride… dude, man, reincarnation, Blavatsky and shit!

All yah need is love!

Antithesis, your speaking about a scenario where the isolated will no longer have the choice to be isolated. Speaking to a situation where it becomes necessary for the non-isolated to “lay low” for a long period of time, Joe will have will most likely have an advantage.

The issue is simply whether or not his isolation is having the effect of accustoming him to it or of making him desperate to end such isolation. If it’s the former then he’ll have no advantages if compelled to be more social and would have great advantages over others if they were to be compelled to be less social. If it’s the latter then he’ll have a disadvantage should the time come where most people must “lay low”, but he’ll have large advantage if he suddenly must socialize more because the contrasts in situations will give him far more energy and a far more optimistic disposition than others around him.

Yes, but Joes are an extreme case.

It’s more likely Joes will encounter the norm than the norm Joes.

Unless their parents are millionaires, Joes will have to leave the nest sometime.

Father time/mother nature will beckon/compel them, it’s nearly guaranteed. It’s not 50/50, it’s highly probable, and then they’ll be in for a shocker. Joes think they have nothing to fear, but life itself would be impossible without death, pain and suffering, and death and disease are something to fear. You can’t escape them, regardless of whether you’re cocooned or not. Yes, you can minimize them, but then any stimuli whatsoever will overwhelm you. I was a bit of a Joe myself (still am), but I wasn’t “fortunate” enough to have rich parents, so I know what I’m talking about. When the real world hits, and it will, it’ll hit hard. In the long run, does cocooning/decadence minimize, or hasten death and disease? You could say the left (more government/nurture is good) and right (more government/nurture is evil) differ primarily in their response to this question, if you define the left as tending to regulate and the right as tending to deregulate.

Yes and it will probably not be that chaotic a situation. Yes, he’ll be “taken for a ride” by many sociopaths until he learns his lesson, but as long as there’re laws and places for well educated people, the odds will be in his favor.

Joe knows as much about disease as anyone, from experience. Joe admits that he has much to fear. I could be wrong, but it seems the only problem is that he thinks its conceivable that universal love may extinguish most or all of his fears without diminishing his potential.

Did Joe say his parents are rich? As far as I know they’re no richer than is needed to provide him with food, a room and a computer with the internet.

There’s no more decadence involved in “cocooning” than in the average American/Australian’s life.

I believe the term “decadence” should be divided into two definitions; the decadent common one and the actual definition. The former implies extravagance and hedonism, but then falls short by leaving it at that, the latter furthers it by implying it involves a certain type of profound ignorance on reality.

One who is “cocooning” is almost certainly not one involved in extravagance and hedonism and while to a certain extent he’s behind in his understanding of reality, he actually has more potential in the long run to do what so few modern people do, which is to actually break free from the modern mindset.

“Cocooning” may hasten death, it may prolonged the inevitable, or it may be just what is needed for whatever individual involved to finally prepare oneself to live a less stationary life. If you want to consider what Joe is going through as an extended adolescence, just keep in mind that among animals and humans a sign of intelligence is an extended or late adolescence.

Right, let’s be mindful of the situation.

The type of isolation where one doesn’t leave his or his parents house is very much isolation; meaning it has nothing to do with getting more of anything from others. Government or parents or whomever are at best only providing the means to study.

Granted if one was friendless but had to do errands and work in in an unfriendly environment or was friendless and living on the streets or as a wonderer, he would be gaining more experience. But, spending all one’s time practically alone inside is a way to get far more relevant experience of the world than to regularly socialize with friends.

As most people become adults they let their friends take over the role of parental support, which allows them plenty of opportunities to succeed so long as their environment stays the same. But, they’re never pushed to go beyond themselves, in fact friends will do the opposite, and should one lose one’s friends and not have the opportunity to make the same kind, then he will be lost.