Light Fall

Yes, that’s what I am talking about.

And that also indicates that the eletric potential respectively the electromagnetic force is currently the main force, as I said, respectively the most important or the most relevant force, as you said.

That’s probably right. At least that’s what I think.

That point isn’t the most important for the topic because it merely refers to the “history” of the universe. So we can probably neglect that point. Anyway, I triy to explain:

The current physicians assume that in the “history” of the universe at first the gravity, at second the stronge force, at third the electroweak force developed, and the weak force as well as the electromagnetism (electromagnetic force) seperated from the electroweak force. So the sequence was:

Gravity => Strong Force => Electroweak Force (=> Weak Force and => Electromagnetism) !

In the meantime the temperature of the universe sank (declined). This sinking of the temperature caused the development of those basic forces of nature.