Linda Ronstadt gets ejected for invoking Michael Moore

[size=167]RIGHT[/size], so I was thinking of how to headline the latest Moore-inspired incident when it occurred to me to do a side-by-side portrait of two contemporary, highly controversial men, Limbaugh and Moore. But more on that in a moment.

As you may have heard, country singer Linda Ronstadt got herself ejected from the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend for dedicating a rendition of the famous Eagle’s tune, Desperado to Michael Moore. Mind you this was at the very end of her show. Her short dedication resulted in instant boo’s and cheers from equal halves of the 4,000-member sold-out concert hall. About 1,000 or so half-drunk people actually got up and walked out, throwing their drinks and ripping down posters as they went. LOL What kills me is that some even had the gall to demand their money back from the casino, as if it were their fault!

Well, anyway here’s where I stand. It’s mixed, so don’t expect an easy “for” or “against” from me. As usual, I am very much the human writer: Complex, conflicted, and honest about it all.

  1. I applaud anyone with the balls to stand up and speak out for what they feel passionately about.
  2. I do not, however, think that entertainment is the place for espousing political views.
  3. I think she got what she deserved (and ironically, exactly what she asked for).

Now I’m going to dovetail into sociopolitical comparison, borrowing heavily from a post I wrote in the Psychology forum. (Forgive me if you’ve read it already! I have added some new content.)

John on Michael Moore
I just saw Bowling for Columbine and thought it was an outstanding indictment of our culture juxtaposed with an honest, almost mournful questioning of why we are so afraid … of everything.

Can’t wait to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

Moore’s a social activist who makes some eccentric, over-the-top decisions (hounding Dick Clark on a sociopolitical issue like welfare-to-work wasn’t the smartest, most germane thing he could have done for this movie) that get him pegged by many as a flake.

Including me for a while. I have admired him going back to his TV series TV Nation; however, of late, he’s taken to pulling some stunts like making the political overture “shame on you, President Bush” at the academy awards that had me looking a little sideways at him. That was, until I sat down and actually saw this movie through, as well as the other features on the DVD. Sure, he makes some mistakes and slants some issues; takes liberties with numbers and plays loose with certain facts. But the man’s doing something positive and he’s authentic. I cannot help but admire him.

John on Rush Limbaugh
I have listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on since his show first went national in the summer of 1988. I was around for the “caller-abortions,” I saw his TV shows, I know all about his recent struggles with the total hearing loss, the opioid addictions and Oxycontin, his present legal challenges etc., etc.

He’s been through a bunch, and there he is right back up in the saddle, much to the chagrin of the people he irritates! Think what you will about his politics - the man’s got no quit in him. He’s a tough one to keep down.

However. Unlike Michael Moore, Rush is hardly a social activist, and pretty much does no actual good unless you define good as polarizing the country. I do respect Rush on many issues - but I loathe him for vigorously propagating a spirit of divisiveness in our country and our times. Every week day this guy is out there beating out a relentless drum of intolerance and dichotomous thinking: To him –and consequently for his audience of millions– the country is not as one, but is comprised of ‘LIBERALS’ versus the good guys. We must always be on guard for ‘THEIR’ pernicious agenda. He openly scoffs at John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” suggesting it espouses Communism. What a fool.

And the winner is!!!
For absolutely different reasons I admire 'em both, but I’ll take Moore over Limbaugh any day of the week. He takes a WILDLY unpopular, anti-war stance in a time of war. To me, this not unpatriotic. It is called dissention. And in a democratic republic, which is what the United States is, dissention is essential to the health of the nation.

Floor’s open!


It’s easy for entertainers to express safe political views like support of our troops. But it takes balls to speak out against the powerful. It is especially dangerous in these times when a huge number of Americans cannot see that the “emperor doesn’t have any clothes on.”

Webster’s definition of entertainment: 4. That which entertains; specif., a performance intended to entertain, amuse, divert, etc.

I would propose that all concerts, television, newspapers, books, and forums are also entertainment if we are entertained by them. Political views have been commonplace in concerts for decades. When it is in the music it’s ok, but when it is spoken, it is unexpected. That reminds me of the old statement, “a women’s place is in the home.” The variation seems to be “a singers place is just to sing.”

I think Linda Ronstadt is guilty of not fully entertaining the whole audience for the whole time. But I think you fail to see the danger in supporting reactionary behavior like booing, throwing their drinks and ripping down posters. I see all of those as inappropriate, disruptive acts that are more appropriate in a fascist country. I also see that those actions, as well as the public firing of Ms. Ronstadt, are meant to put everyone on notice that they need to keep in their place unless they want to “ask for” the consequences.

BTW, this is exactly the kind of rationalization that the Nazi’s used while gassing people in the death camps. I think you are listening to Limbaugh a little too much.

Please don’t take any of this personally, but rather as advice from one child to another.

(Note: this is my first posting at this forum and the first time I wrote it, it was much longer but it disappeared when I clicked on the Preview button. Because I need to do other things, I might not reply to following postings here).

You mentioned people tossed their drinks at the concert. Politics/Religion and drinking do not mix. Besides money and women, nothing else leads to as many bar fights as a political discussion between drunks.

What I find interesting about Limbaugh and Moore is how one side will consider the other to be extreme, ignoring the fact that both are mainstream. Both the truly extreme right and the extreme left go largely ignored by the public, because in either case, the center is where the comfort is. Suffice it to say that Moore expouses that which your average Liberal probably thinks, but will not say, ditto (heh) Limbaugh and conservatives.

To me Moore seems more consistent in his approach, but that is probably because I haven’t listened to him try to make his picth daily, nor have I seen examples where he is forced to ignore or argue against extreme leftists, whereas I can remember a few Limbaugh shows where a true right wing crackpot got through the call screeners and proceeded to make Rush look tame by comparison.

My brother, who used to work for himself and own his own business, used to listen to Limbaugh daily. After getting a job with a union, however, he no longer cares to hear what Limbaugh has to say. I would imagine that would go for a majority of the fans of both men.


Welcome to ILP! :sunglasses: Yeah, losing your stuff - don’t you hate it when that happens??? OMG, one of life’s biggest new pet-peeves that came with the Internet. :angry:

Let that be a lesson - c/c/p anything you’ve really put some thought into.

I gotta disagree. A spokeperson for the casino said (and I’m quoting from memory): “We hired her to entertain, not to espouse her political views.” You see, there’s clearly a time and place. Plus, Ronstadt is also quoted as saying that she intended to cause a rukus. It’s just not appropriate - and in my opinion, rather like Moore putting Charlton Heston on the spot in his own home - not very cool, either.

Now on to some things where I think we have misread or misunderstood each other.

  1. I do not think the Aladdin guest’s actions were in any way appropriate.
  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say:

:confused: I actually listen to Flush Limbaugh as little as humanly possible these days.

Very interesting thoughts, GCT. Can you give examples of your idea of extreme right & left? Me, I’m given to think that the average non-politics-centered citizen is just that: average. Consciously labelling themselves neither liberal nor conservative, and indeed likely thinking of Moore and Limbaugh as personifications of those philosophies.


The fringe folks?
The reactionaries…
Well both think the government is a conspiracy. The right usually sees it as a conspiracy based on religion with, you guessed it, some opposing religous force manifested through the government as a tool of Satan. Sometimes they throw in the U.N, a multinational conspiracy… the new World order and all that. They are armed and ready for war, etc. Others include various hate groups, who wish to conserve (note the term there) the primacy of the white male in America. Some seem fond of blowing up abortion clinics and killing doctors as well.

The radicals…
The extreme left had its most violent run during the 60’s, though elements of it can still be seen in the environmental movement. Those being the happy folks who spike trees to kill or maim loggers… thereby saving no trees (ultimately). They are also the folks who seem fixated on a global conspiracy of big business. Among them i include the feminists who consider every male to be a rapist… i can’t remember her name, but I do recall one extreme feminist quoted as saying all males should be castrated at birth (sounds extreme to me). The animal rights folks who destroy other people’s property could go under this heading.

Nothing too startling that I know of… and the views of both sides do circulate out in the public, but if you think about it, neither side has a public forum in the mainstream media to air their views

That would kinda interfere with propagation of our species! :astonished:

Thats the problem with the extremes on both sides, and why they are considered extreme. Their arguments. thinking, and acts tend to be of the irrational sort.