Little Miss Sunshine (Movie)

this was a great movie, filled with great dark humor, lots of yummy sarcasm, and one very nasty, yet true moment.

the movie is about a family, trying to make its way to a pagent for young girls and all that the family deals with while making it’s way to the the pagent in california. the father of the group is trying to make his way as a motivational speaker, the daughter struggles (a little) with her weight, the son is a huge fan of Nietzsche (including a huge creepy poster)and manages to make it through the whole movie without dropping his name to make a point, the grandfather snorts heroine through a good 65% of the movie until he reaches a life changing moment, the uncle after a failed attempt to kill him self deals with all of this and his own demons, and the mother tries to hold it all together.

the movie ends in a moment of laughter and joy, it truly is a great movie, even for the creepy part.

So, it’s a comedy. :slight_smile:

This was really a great movie. I enjoyed the relationship between the little girl and the rest. She is very special… and it gives a wonderful message to the power of a dream. Any dream.

Watching this movie for the first time, I realized I had a favorite upon my hands. The essence in the movie isn’t the pitfalls that the characters encounter, but rather the pitfalls within the characters as they approach everyday life. I recommend this film wholeheartedly, as there will be a part of at least one character everyone can relate to.

Amazing movie, makes one appreciate the dysfunction of their own family.

“Little Miss Sunshine” = excellent movie

i love little miss sunshine, i think it really shows the contrast between the bleakness of the adult world and the niavety of childhood and with dwaynes character at the crossing point between the two. and its so dark and funny all at the same time.

Have you seen Ratcatcher? I wouldn’t say the movies are very similar, yet your description of LMS reminded me. And you live in Scotland…

This movie was amazing! Even the darkest moments of the movie were turned into comedy.

great film.the director fucks with the audience’s emotions( couldn#t find a more appropriate word)