Living In A Nation Under Donald Trump.

I don’t believe in doing all the work for another person, that goes against the point of philosophy that revolves around self enlightenment. Don’t be lazy.

I left you a trail of breadcrumbs for you to find stuff yourself.

I didn’t ask you to do work for me. I asked you to back up a claim you made.

And it is now noted that you cannot back it up.


The people that constantly ask for proof or evidence on forums like these are usually too lazy and inept to go find information themselves. Stop wasting my time.

(Makes claim of X.)

(Is asked for evidence of X.)

(Refuses to give evidence, and starts crying about how he isn’t going to do work for others.)

^Does that sound like the behavior of a mature, intelligent person to you?

Waste somebody else’s time. At the very least you could research the information and debate specific points but you won’t even do that.

Living under Donald Trump?

The question you should be asking is “Who is Donald Trump living under”?

His zionist buddies.

It is all about that. People seem to think The President is their Prince come to save them from injustice and poverty.

Can’t see any of that happening, can’t see any Mexican wall being built.

He has no real power, he obeys his orders.

The people will forget about that as new scenarios are “created” to manipulate. Already happening here on this Forum.

This is a Goldman Sachs presidency.

Otto, people choose to believe what they want to.

Like you said, a bit of research would go a long way.


Most people are clueless idiots that can’t tell the difference from their ass to their shoulders.

I would research it, if you actually were giving anything able to be researched.

Try searching ex-trotskyists create the American political neoconservative movement. Once you look into that let me know what you think.

Will do. Let’s hope there is some clear connection to Trump in this, for your sake anyway.

I’m not a defender of neocons, obviously. If you think Trump is a secret neocon that’s fine, but you could always present your reasons for thinking that… or not.

Neoconservatives are entirely zionist just like Donald Trump is. I believe Donald Trump will reveal his neoconservative colors overtime but being the little darling of the military industrial complex is a tall tale sign.

He has resisted sending the army into Syria, which is good. I think neocons in his administration are running the show now, when it comes to this Afghanistan thing. So I hope you are wrong, but yes, time will tell.

For now but it is only a matter of time, same thing with Ukraine, North Korea, and Iran besides just Syria.

Now there is discussion on Venezuela, where will it all end?

What about hostile reactions to Russia and China? This will not end well for the United States but we must be clear that this is a coordinated effort by those that control Washington, D.C. itself.

Hey look, Benedict Arnold removed the ban limiting military grade weapons and equipment to law enforcement. An armored tank, machine gun, weaponized drone, and rocket cannon for every police or sherrif department! Neat. :sunglasses: :laughing:

They even made it a double triple felony offence for challenging or resisting the police in this country…

Freedom fries for everybody! :laughing:

The ticking time bomb is the demographic development - which is negative on the White side and positive on the Non-White side.

And we know that all the immigration to Europe is kicked off and organited by the USA as the main state vassal of the globalists and by certain non-governmental organizations as the main non-state vassals of the globalists.

The enemy is Germany (again; two world wars are obviously not enough; cf.: "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam“ - Cato the Elder), regardless whether it is a member of the same military alliance or not. They try to weaken Germany and to drive a wedge between Germany and the other EU members. The EU itself is such a wedge. The Euro too. They want the German wealth, the German money, the Germoney. This war is a huge economical war and the globalists and their US politicians do not care about the fact that Germany is a member of the NATO. Quite the contrary: Germany and Russia as a possible alliance has always been being the globalists’ and their US politicians’ fear, at least according to George Friedman:

  • … ORM=VRDGAR .
    [tab]Note the title: “Stratfor: The US Main Interest is to Stop Alliance Between Russia and Germany”. To STOP? To stop WHAT? An “Alliance Between Russia and Germany”? There is not such an “alliance”! There is only the absolutely unfounded “fear” of it!

And by the way:
It would be very much more understandable if the Germans had the fear of an alliance between USA and Russia! There was such an alliance in both the first and the second world war!

Remember what Cato the Elder (234-149) said before the third Punic war (149-146): "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam“ (“Besides, I am of the opinion that Carthage must be destroyed”). There was no real “reason”, no “alliance”, but only the Romans’ absolutely unfounded “fear” of Carthage!

And then (146 B.C.):

See also: … ORM=VDRVRV .

Everything George Soros doesn’t want you to know: … 276.555104 .

I have been saying it for a long time: Antifa, even the Russian Antifa, is a paid terrorist group.

And I still wonder how many ILP members are paid trolls. :wink:

Imagine that the situation in the USA has become unbearable and someone says to you: "Go back to Europe, since you can do it, because you are of European origin!“

  1. Would you agree?
  2. Would you go?

For comparison: .

Donald Trump is the “Benedict Arnold” of the present.