Living On My own

I am quite literally taking each day at a time.

Through a strange and rather ugly series of events, I have found myself trying to make it virtually completely on my own. By on my own, I mean independent of my direct family and friends. I kid you not. I have been kicked out of the house and forced to make it on my own.

I have job that pays well. This will fund my living in an apartment soon enough. In the mean time, my grandmother has alllowed me to stay with her-- at least until I finish off my classes this semester and then begin working full-time.

Life is terribly hard. I walk everywhere I need to go. Just to get from my house to my grandmother’s, I had to walk about 10 miles. At night.

…am I an existentialist yet? :confused: :frowning:

Although not cut off from my parents when I moved out on my own I felt the need not to ask them for things… in turn I’ve become such a macgyver.

Hang in there… the best learning experience you’ve had thus far is just beginning.

Why were you kicked out of your house?

What does not kill you…

Every body has to grow up sometime, and this is your time.
You"ll live.


Quite simply, my parents thought I mouthed off too much. And I probably did.

That is why I was kicked out. But I could have gone back by now. I have chosen to live on my own because I do not feel that many of their rules are reasonable.

I may eventually be in a position where going back to live at home is the best possible situation. But right now, that is not the case.

I have. And your are right, I have learned a lot. I am not saying that this whole ordeal is a inherently bad thing – just an ugly thing.

Not to keep asking the same kind of question, but what does “mothing off” mean? I know that it means challenging or complaining, but I can’t imagine what about.

BMW,i offer my sincerest condolences about what happend to you.
other than that i’m not sure i can help at all. i had i negative post i was gunnu put on this page but i held it back and it’s on a note pad on my desktop.

these things are disturbing if you’ve seen what i have… :confused:

basically, “talking back” or disrespectfully. And it was about a ton of assorted and unrelated issues.

I not trying to be intentionally vague, really, I’m not. It’s just that this all occured from many issues, not just a single specific one. :wink:

count yourself lucky, BMW.

I am dreaming of finally being responsible for myself and living alone, but my financial standing doesn’t allow me that luxury.