Living together leads to Battle

Marriage? Living together is a problem. Battle is common. Why can’t an inexpensive dwelling be constructed to create some degree of separateness. Then add kids. More warfare. Why do we insist on throwing people together?

Roomate problems???
We don’t throw people together, we sort of collide into each other. Living together is only a problem if you are actually not suited to each other. I rather enjoy marriage and yes we do spend time seperately in our small home. You can’t be connected at the hips and expect a relationship to work. You do have to spend time apart. We don’t agree on politics, religion or just about anything controversial, heck we even argue over gameshows. But we enjoy it (our son constantly tells us we are like two spoiled kids fighting all the time),we know we love each other and would rather live together then live apart. A good relationship is not going to be always smooth , a good relationship will take into account that there will be problems, hard ones. You can have a battle, a real nasty battle, but when it turns into a war then its over, if it ever really started in the first place.

Battle is a better term. Thank you kris. I believe battle is necessary in a healthy relationship. I see that you all agree.

How many of you married people want separate houses next to each other?

That happens after living together for more than 2 decades :laughing: :laughing: Call it a defense for sanity thought. Sometimes togetherness is trying on your nerves.

Life is perpetual conflict with temporary bouts of resolution.


Eh, if living with someone is so bad, why do chronically single people all turn out weird…?

Because they don’t have to share stuff.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: =D> =D> =D> =D> :laughing: :laughing: