Local ban on sagging pants

A city council here decided to put a ban on sagging pants. I was impressed that the very conservative community objected. The objections were based on a waste of limited resources and constitutional freedoms. Gray haired seniors are leading the protest at the city meeting. The council decided to table the ban for now.

The council deciding to table the ban rather than toss it , is an attempt to save face. The seniors that protested in a forum rather than in the streets gave a positive role model for their youth. The council now knows most of its members won’t be voted back in unless they do something really good.
This incident of government infringing then people calmly putting the government in its place is too rare of an occurrence. We seem to have forgotten how to protest civilly. Media , education or other as the reason??

There’s also the whole issue of all the communication that would be avoided by the legislation.
Instead of acting like a community you give the police something else to do. This allows everyone to avoid frustrating discussions, though it will create many more.

IOW there should be a natural progression and at the far end of that you get things like legislation, violence, war.

Before that you have talking to people. Finding out why they do it. See what cross-cultural issues are involved - between youth and the not young.

You may not solve the problem as you see the problem, but what you get is people taking responsibility for what they feel and think.

I am sure there have been some discussions, though mostly from parents to their children, but otherwise it’s a lazy but dangerous leap to what should be more of a last measure.

(I mean, personally, it’s a non-issue. Why should I care? I mean, it would be great if I never had to see things that bothered me aesthetically, but people’s butt cracks that I can avoid looking at are low on the list.)

I agree with what you said.
And, I do find saggy pants humorous, ever see those kids run? Cops tend to like suspects wearing them too. Hard to run fast if you are tripping over your pants.

I thought conservatism was about keeping government interference in everyday life limited. They always talk about ‘limited government’ so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising conservative seniors objected to the ban. But the big catalyst for protest was probably the waste economic resources. Perhaps people tend to forget about protest of government intrusion until their money is involved.

True. And you have to also realize like I did when it was brought to my attention , that the seniors protesting were of an age to have been in the 60s when major protests about government were happening. Perhaps the infringement jarred some memories.

The original purpose of baggy pants was to make it look like you carried a gun when you didn’t, they were also very convenient for shoplifting.

Somehow this practical use translated into a fashion trend not related to the original use.

Pretty sure quite a few fashions started as utilitarian. Look at Blue Jeans and T shirts.
Saggy pants are about the boxer shorts under the pants as well. Designer Boxers are sold now.

Yeah but in America it’s like, “Big government don’t tread on me!..but if you could go and stop that guy from smoking weed, and stop those people from having a gay marriage, oh…and stop those people from participating in a minority culture that I disagree with that would be great. But don’t tread on me, just tread on those other people that I don’t like.”

It is changing, slowly but , changing. Thirty years ago here in Mississippi you would not have seen grandparents, white or black enjoying time out in public with their mixed race grandchild. Now you see it all the time. It might not sound like much but it is.