Logic Itself Is An Affirmation Of Existence

P1 - Logic, or dialect, is the ‘mechanics’ of thought and analysis; and is concerned with a thing as-it-is-known.

P2 - Implicit in the definition is the assertion that ‘things’ exist to be known.

Conclusion - Therefore within the description of the primary function of LOGIC is an affirmation of existence.

P1 - I think you mean “dialectic”. Logic is not concerned with existent things, but with concepts.

Where for “existence” one can take that to be an attribute of a concept that correlates with something external. Horses exist, unicorns don’t; as concepts both exist, of course, but if one doubts “existence” in the former sense, the latter only leads to circular reasoning and is useless. If you want that latter definition, then logic exists therefore affirms existence. Shorter still than your argument.

In my view: anyone who needs affirmation that things exist has too much time on their hands.

When do we gonna stop proving Existance and Non-Existance?! It’s like someone saying “I’ll prove you that I have no Mother”.

Is that all?
I’ll chalk this up as a good argument.