I will be going to London and Prague on my honeymoon! I know that there are lots of people that are from Britain on the site, or perhaps have traveled there. So, I have three days and am looking for suggestions.

I like local forms or enjoyment. That means cuisine and activities that local people would like. I enjoy books and that which is weird and different.

I also enjoy cultural and historical sites.

What’s the best?

Any info about the town that comes to mind would be great as well.

Also, any kind of info about Prague would be great.

London - theatre if you like high culture, fish n chips if you like low culture.

The whole Houses of Parliament/Big Ben stretch is nice, the Tate Modern was excellent the last time I went…

If you’re local, you would most likely be in the pub. The local pub. :wink:

My favourite bookshop is Borders in Tottenham Court Road. Looking for something obscure, you’re most likely to find it there.

Favourite restaurants are Food for Thought in Covent Garden and Sushi Waka in Camden Town.

There is an open air ice rink on The Strand. They actually fill the square with ice only in the winter time. Most exquisite.

You are into comedy, check this out.

Try a riverboat ride.

And definitely take a ride on the London Eye. It will blow your mind.

Get yourself a Time Out magazine. from your favourite bands, to nightclubs, to bars, restaurants, theatre, ballet, whatever you’re into.


Cool, sounds good guys.

The market sounds very nice.

Hey Liquid, can you tell me about any place that serves traditional English style food?

Can I tell you?

Check out any fish chips shop… That’s right: “The English food is the second worst in the world.” - Jack Chirac. Or did he say “the worst”?

Can you imagine the tasteness or rather tastelessness of the Finish food?

Regarding Yorkshire puding: trust me, one down and you won’t want another…

London is fabulous in food, only for his holy motely foreign resturants.

Traditional English food at any pub. There is one on every corner. Bangers and mash, pies and the like. Don’t let Uniqor deter you, there is nothing in the world like a Sunday roast and YORKSHIRE PUDDING with a couple of pints or a bottle of red wine (or so they tell me). There aren’t many chippies around much these days, you will get your chips from the kebab shop (Turkish). Indian food is so common it’s become traditional. The best Indian restaurant I’ve been to in the world is the Indian Ocean in Holloway road. Go down Brick Lane near Liverpool street for Indian delight. Spitalfield market is there or get to London Bridge for the Organic Market and really interesting architecture. There are plenty of restaurants along the Thames. Of course if you want real English cuisine, working class English cuisine, you’ll do best at a greesy spoon.


It’s all good in my book. I like to try real food and get an idea of what “real” people are doing in the place that they live. So, I don’t care if the food is “good” or not, rather it’s about the experience of eating it. Also, I like Marmite, and that says something about me.

Bangers and mash made with a marmite based gravy can be really god. The pies are good if not great. Philly has a long English/Irish tradition so I get some of that stuff here.

Thus far Liquid you have given some great suggestions.

Also, we will be going to London on November 5th. So, what is the weather going to be like, generally speaking.

The clocks turn back on the 31st October and all of a sudden it’s dark. Real dark all the time. Dark when you wake up in the morning and dark again by 4pm. There is no sun. It just rains and rains and rains. It’s already getting colder. I’m starting to need a fleece for cycling in the mornings, the wind penetrates even that. I’ve noticed some people are wearing winter coats already. Others are still in t-shirts. They are the crazy milk white ones that don’t feel it. It’s not so much the cold that will get you, it’s the rain. When it’s cold and wet…arghhh…

Then again, the sun might shine…who knows, one never can tell.


It’s crazy but I like (to a degree) cold, wet, dark days. I am always hot and feel best in the cold.

During a recent trip to Florida, which is tropical, I ran into this English couple that loved it there. I told them that I enjoy the cold and they both looked at me like I was crazy.

No matter what I will make the best of it.

My dear, cold wet dark days are fine to a degree. By February you will be begging the sun to shine, you will be realising that you have itchy feet and that you can’t live in London forever. Afterall, you will say to yourself, London isn’t a place I would want to spend the rest of my life, too many English people, you will be dreaming of the sunshine, you will be imagining all the places in the world you can live, you will think of China, of Tibet, you will be dreaming about Thailand or Africa, you might consider going to Italy or Australia…you will miss a cloudless sky…You’ll have cabin fever! And then in March it will snow and it will be so pretty and you’ll say, ah but London is so beautiful in the springtime and you’ll wait for the magnolia blossoms and they WILL blow your mind and you’ll forget all about those dark dark cold wet days…And you’ll say to yourself, I think I can manage London for one more year…


Last one for tonight, thankyou. TheAdlerian, you’ve already got it made, mate, as the English chat about the weather without a bore. I wonder why don’t they make their food the favourite subject. I like a rainy cloudy wendy mid October afternoon, it’s the chronical scenario of my birth. My energy is spirited high during thus a time, tonight is a proof. But the rain just stoped, time for Nietzsche.

Hello again!

Next week I will be in London, as I have mentioned, and will be staying in the Bloomsbury area. So, I’m looking for thoughts about that spot in general. We only have a few days in England and I want to make the most of it. Thus far, the suggestions have been Fab, as you folks say.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry mate. Dun know nuffink about it geesa. You gunna 'ave to find yo own way innit!



Are you saying that that’s a tough part of town or are you just having fun?

Sorry, can’t help you, I don’t know that part of town.


Thanks anyway!