Lonely 'homeless' planet found for the first time

Yeah it’s one or the other. I think it might be a star that didn’t quite have enough mass to kick off fusion, but there’s a cut off line that isn’t that distinct.

Oh yes, I forgot about the whole galaxy colliding thing with our neighbouring galaxy business - on a side note: did anyone see in the news yesterday/today about tickets for excursions to the moon coming soon, and all for just a billion?

Will there be a pop-up bar or hotel there, I wonder…

Million dollar X prize for the first non governmental private company to put a man in space, the next logical step was to put a more money than sense person on the moon. Yeah I heard, although I doubt everyone has, I think it’s very positive that government agencies like NASA and the ESA are encouraging private companies to get in on the act and they have taken to it with such vigour that many companies are now at it from Virgin to z.

See one area where capitalism works without the frailties of greed, combine it with competition, the human need to explore, science and sheer ingenuity. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve read about it and hey!, if more and more millionaires are created with more dollars than sense, what’s to stop the money flow?