Long Hubble exposure

It’s hard to imagine that all of the matter in the universe was squeezed into the size of a hydrogen atom according to GUT just before the ‘Big Bang’. It’s theorized that quarks were rubbing together when normally there would be great distances between them (in a relative sense).

Something else hard to imagine is where did all that matter come from if it wasn’t there before. Or if it was, how did it propagate and from where? The evidence of an expanding universe has been determined by astronomers, so something pushed all of that matter from a central point somehow.

Human life hasn’t been around long enough to possess the ability to record star (or galaxies for that matter) movement to see the positions change in any noticeable amount. Most of how any movement has been determined has been the result of mathmatical calculations. Seeing the above GIF has put me in awe about our wonderous universe.

It really is an awesome picture to envision.

But as far as the Big Bang… The Eternal Universe – An Ocean of Motion

The entire universe was not and never could have been as small as idealistic mathematicians always presume. For some reason presumptuous lusting endlessly leads people into extrapolating any idea to infinite extremes.

I doubt anyone, even in the future, will ever know how the universe started as long as they live.

Some people already know that it didn’t “start”, nor will it end.
The eternal God is the reason/cause there is an eternal universe, not the starter of it.

I was speaking from a scientific point of view. For those that think they ‘know’ is doing so from a religious aspect. The universe is not eternal in my opinion. Only God and those that share His Realm are.

My point is not that of Science nor Religion. Science (per Copenhagen) can only state as truth what it can observe and thus is limited. My view is from pure logic. Yours is from presumed religious teachings that in my view were merely misrepresented. If you discovered the error in their representation, you would agree with me (and those who started your religion).

Logic as far as I can tell whether it is from an individual or considered by a group is still in the eye of the beholder. You come to your beliefs by your logic and I by mine.

Logic is no more subjective than mathematics; one of its children. It is just more easily abused.

Mathematics maybe the child of logic, but its’ father is Salvadore Dali! :smiley:

We will never know for certain how/if the universe began simply because no one was there to record/remember anything.
I suppose that if time travel became possible we could just shoot people back into time until someone witnesses it but that is highly unlikely.
The best we can do is infer from what exists currently and inferences can always be wrong.

Mathematics was spawned by a Communist Spaniard?!? :-s Hmm… :-k

Hi James,

I am not so sure about its’ political temperament, but I am quite sure that it has a very prominent artistic temperament.

Topology has a definite Surrealistic feel to it!


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