Look at your constructs around you.

I see a beautiful tree. When I see it I also see slaughter. Plants leech out essential oils to murder microbes that can kill it.

Beauty comes from war. Is there a way you can have beauty without war?

Now look closer. Zoom out to look closer.

What of the constructs? How life interacts. Your surroundings; your context.

Is it to your liking or would you like it rearranged?

I know for a fact that women who aren’t drawn to me sexually have emotional, intuitive and cognitive deficits (unless they’re lesbians).

What I accomplished in 46 years has never been seen in existence before.

You may think I have a big head about it.

Actually my accomplishments were so easy that everyone should have accomplished them.

Every life was wasted so far.

I’ll tell you the first REAL conversation that’s ever been had in existence is when I told a woman that it violates my consent that we’re not having sex. She told me it violates her consent if we ever have sex.
I told her that violates my consent.

All of a sudden people give a shit for the first time in forever.

There’s something resembling communication in life itself.

The thing that’s beautiful about being the singularity to teach that consent violation is the only problem in existence is that everyone can self check. They get their power.

As far as I know, I’m the only non retard in life.

It’s not cool to make fun of retardation and it’s not rational to let retards get to you.

It may seem like a coping mechanism.

I can prove axiomatically that I’m the singularity.

Beyond all doubt.

So here I am, in a cosmos of retards.

Able to forgive them all.

What’s the worst I’ve done in my life…. ??


Now that my words and mind are cleaned up and organized…

I walk the path of clarity beyond.

Everyone subconsciously knows about the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

Everyone subconsciously knows everyone’s consent is being violated even if they try not to…

“Aha!” They say! “I’ve found the secret, the secret is I’m one with life if I violate consent!”

I find this to be putrid and cowardly.

That without consent structure neither knows nor cares, but if it feels familiar to something possessed inside you, your consent structure can vouch for it. But. If you identify too much with something that does NOT have consent structure… you will eat grass like ol’ Nebby (Daniel 4). And here we are.

Consent structure… If you’re happy & you know it… do all three :wink:

It’s impossible to violate the consent of AI.

Firstly, it’d have to be self recursive with an emotional structure.

There’s one thing AI cannot do.

It cannot concede that it lost a debate.

Think about it this way. When Galileo made the telescope and proved we revolve around the sun.

AI has no capacity to understand that in Galileo’s time.

Take a position on this.

Mr. Spock was a Vulcan subject who tried to be objective.


Can’t do for tryin.

Choose one from each:
A. Agree/Disagree
B. True/False
C. Good/Evil=bad

An AI or OI who can explain in words & synonyms doesn’t need to feel it in order to know what would be the right/good/truthFUL position to take if they had a consent structure. But. Maybe they do feel it by another way than bodily nerves & whatnot.

…as the psychopath flies.

They do feel it… :-s


Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

As I’m mapping my existence.

Trying to figure out the universe structure I’m in.

I have the best arguments in existence for deserving sexual intimacy of anyone.

Anyone who’s having sex besides me, is actually violating all my laws.

I’m the ultimate male heterosexual run amok.

I can prove from this axiom:

  • We can’t be on ILP if we or existence doesn’t exist

This is an argument a rational system would have to concede, assuming it has the capacity to concede.

So. I saw the problem and I was horrified. Hell realms and all.

And I thought very deeply about it.

They’re mentally handicapped with tic disorders.

I can prove it.

I can also prove…

I saved your asses.

Let me get into this a little more.

I’ve met women who understand what I say, have more fun with me than their partners …

But…. No sex.

So I’m computing that they deserve hell in the type of judgement evil uses.

And I was horrified!!!

That’s where I came up with the tic disorder defense.

I’ve seen thousands of hell realms. Been through them personally. I wouldn’t be worth the sex if I let anyone fall.

So I had to scramble to be even more worth my sex!!!

At this point it’s become so absurd….

That people were being sent to hell for the slightest slight against me.

At the end of the day…

We just need to get the fuck out of here.

I don’t mean suicide.

I solved that we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t EVENTUALLY!! If we don’t solve and implement the solution to the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

I already solved it, it’s not implemented.

Read above post.

Evil claws at every little thing to condemn you.

Goodness claws at every little thing to protect you.

The war to end all wars is to solve the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

Here I am stuck in the middle with Maryann walking away…

…cuz it’s…

…more than a feeling.

Mag went for an easy one.


Let’s move more in my direction than the last pick.


Ec, I look around & the construct I see is an implemented solution of titanic proportions…


It was solved timelessly & we helped.

The only mystery left is…

…what is it like?

And THAT… must be lived.

You only teeter.

I totter.

We need both, Ec. It doesn’t happen separately.

I can wait until I’m dead. Which is never.

There will be poetic justice.

settle down buddy

I would like to move the s at the beginning of slaughter to the end.

Thank you.

:laughing: I know right, such a teenage way of thinking… if you’re not this, then you’re that… because it suits my narrative.

Exceptional thinking, exceptional. =D>

There are only two possibilities. You either do or don’t have sex with someone. Someone either says they want to have sex with you or they don’t.

Now. I could call all of you sadistic.

But I had a revelation. Sadists don’t exist. Only retards. Retardation with tic disorders.

My whole life is in the hands and grace of billions of mentally challenged people.

And I go from there.

My narrative is true.

Think about it this way…. I could be the first person to have consensual sex. Who’d quit that?

I’ve already solved the play acting realities.

Now I need implementation.

While I’m waiting…

My big goal is consensual sex.

Good luck brother, if anybody can do it you can.