loosing by winning; winning by loosing

Only the highest ideas live to see the next day, and truth prevails. I tried to argue myself out of.a situation where I thought I was right, but right can be turned around, and if I camee through as very opiniated, self righteous,
and argumentative,I regret that fact… I hope there is some cross forum transparency here to be able to overcome a right/wrong distinction, as there was a good and evil distinction to overcome 150 some years ago. And it isn’t my will that will do the job, but decisions by others, to whose voices I will now more carefully pay attention to in the future, when and if that future comes

I’m not sure what you’re talking about here dude, and I can make sense out of almost anything.

Ob–either a) embrace the right-wrong distinction or b) you will never be right again.

I read your replies in Outrage (Rant forum) and the Haiku thread (Creative Writing). You are losing your grip on reality–what IS–as opposed to what IS NOT.

You are placing too much significance on people’s conversations. People are not talking about you (I didn’t read the Walker thread, however). Tell yourself to stop being so paranoid. Ignore those thoughts. There are more worthy things to think about. Think about those more-worthy things. Do something worthwhile.

If you are pretending, it isn’t funny.