Loss of humanity

This is a strange subject and I’m not really sure where to post it. But when you look at humanity as a whole and all we have accomplished over the past and where we are today it seems like somewhere along the way humanity lost a great part of what made us great.

Traditions that existed for thousands of years that made each culture distinct and unique have been washed away in most countries. Their peoples have forgotten their old ways and everyone who has come into contact with capitalism has thrown away the distinctness of their culture as a whole and have become money whores.

I was just reading about the Samurai of Japan and in 1868 the last great battle between the old way of Japan and the new way took place. A battle between an Imperial modern Japan armed with Western weapons (guns, howitzers) again the Samurai who had defended Japan for centuries. It was the capitalist west that caused Japan to turn against itself when more than half of Japan accepted capitalism simply because if it had not the west would have used Japan as it’s whore. The idea in Japan was to become like the West and then expell the West using it’s weapons. But part of Japan refused to give up the old ways until they were slaughtered. The Samuria went up against Imperial Japan to save Japan from the West and the destruction of it’s culture.

But this has happened in many other cultures as well. Humanity seemingly has given up honor, justice, and uniqueness. Every place capitalism has touched has turned destroyed the culuture of the nations and replaced them with large corporations who control everything.

Today we live longer lives due to technology, in the past we lived to barely 30. But I believe we have exchanged quality of life for quantity. Someday I believe humanity will reach a point where we once aqain regain the uniqueness of our seperate distinct cultural pasts with the technological advancements of today and the future.

We are as a race of beings in a cultural dark age at this moment in time I believe. An age where corporations have turned every nation into the same exact thing. The corporations like cancer grow out of proportion, spread, and multiply. And there is little anyone can do at this point. Capitalism has a major flaw, the toxic waste of Capitalism is uncontrolled corporate growth that destroys whole cultures as it blends each new assimilated culture into the same exact mold. One by one every nation on earth is falling under the control of corporate rape. Like the Borg of Star Trek corporations assimilate cultures into their collective, the only difference is, the Borg slightly modify themselves to become enhanced by whatever they assimilate, corporations just grow out of control, reproduce, and suck the life out of every unique beautiful culture of every nation it comes in contact with.

Anyone have any thoughts?

The major trend which is going to influence humanity in the next 50 years is that well over half of the current population, roughly 4.5 billion people will die of old age. The post WWII population explosion is coming to an end. The current 6 billion world population will peak at around 9 billion and then begin to delcine as the old die off. Industrialized nations will see a declining work force as early as 2020, and it will decline steadily through 2050. There is no economic advantage to having children in industrialized nations, and women are empowered to have control over reproduction and to have fullfilling careers. So most homes are two income families and many couples are not replacing themselves, plus more and more people are choosing to stay single. This trend is world wide across all cultures and all nations. It is the same in India, China, Mexico and Africa, as it is in Japan, Europe and North America.

So the question is, from where will come the replacement of human capital? it will be from those people who are not tapped into the secrets of economic success in the modern era, and/or from those people who have some other reason to have children, such as religious reason. It is unlikely that the replacement of the human resource will come from highly educated and enlightened affluent couples.

What ever segment of the population that grows will have a major influence on the future world wide trends in science, education, and philosophy. They may be fundamentalist religiously and may hold science and technology suspect. We may be in for another dark age.

We are all agents of destruction. In science, our world is moving from order to chaos and humans are the catalysts. This is a natural phenomena. Remember the Pangea? One whole block of ice—to seven continents. From whole to parts to bits to annihilation. All the cultures, all the preserving of greatness, couldn’t do anything to stop this.

Capitalism is part of the grand scheme according to Marx, once capitalism has imploded itself due to insatiableness of avarice, we move on to socialism—the world economy. And this should be the end. And yes, we cannot stop capitalism from spreading like cancer, so save all your strength for other things. We are all dying a slow death, a very slow death. Get used to it.

The entire concept of capitalism is based on the very basic human nature of desiring to suceed, and in doing so, compete with, and win, against someone else. If this idea didn’t work on an inherent human trait, it never would have lasted as long as it did.

I regard Marx as a helpless romantic without a clear view on how human beings act in large groups. Certainly his ideas will work on a small scale of like-minded individuals, but look at the history of communist countries. The ones that have survived the longest are the ones with the smaller groups of people. The USSR has broken up. China even has a capitalist based economy, if not a government. Before that, people were underemployed, and more importantly, had no desire to improve themselves. Can you imagine the despair that you would feel if you knew for a fact no matter how hard, how long you worked, you would never be rewarded for that work?

And thus, as it goes on, the system breaks down by itself. Ask yourself why capitalism works. Because it plays on two emotions which run strong in most people. Greed and competitiveness. They are not pretty emotions, and capitalism is not a pretty system. However it works because of the way people think. It’s a cynical ugly system, and on the whole, we are a cynical and ugly race. There is no empathy anymore. We survive in a Machiavellian society.

We still do not know if capitalism works. We have seen this form of government for less than 300 years. In the history of governments this is by far the youngest.

There is a major problem with capitalism. It breeds apathy and then it is slowly consumed by itself like star slowly burning itself out.

Greed and competitiveness exist in a capitalist system in less and less people as each new generation is born in Capitalism.

You see greed and competitiveness lead to materialism. Materialism leads to emptiness. People are spiritual by nature. All the unique past cultures fulfilled those needs.

Suicide is expected to become the leading cause of death by the year 2020 according the the World Health Organization. Recent polls were taken in 4 capitalist countries asking how much hope the people had for the future in general of all 4 including France, Britian, Germany, and America only America came in over 50% and it was only 65% in America. The other 3 were all below 30%.

I do not believe capitalism is the best system or that it will last. It is cancer and it eats away at humanity. You cannot live a fulfilling life on greed and competitiveness, the longer those two traits remain at the forefront of your life the more dead you will begin to feel.

And as corporations continue to grow out of proportion, more and more people will no longer have a chance to work hard and get rich. But humans seem to know somewhere inside of themselves that they need spirituality. Those who say they don’t only lie to themselves. Humanities past proves we do and capitalism robs most people of that in their never ending drive to be rich and powerful.

Scots Historian Professor Alexander Tyler, circa 1787 probably said it best

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only
exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse (generous
gifts) from the public treasury.

From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising
the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy
always collapses over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a

"The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two hundred
years. These nations have progressed through this sequence.

From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from
courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency;
from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back
into bondage."

I wanted to remark on this seperately

“It’s a cynical ugly system, and on the whole, we are a cynical and ugly race. There is no empathy anymore. We survive in a Machiavellian society.”

Are we really a cynical and ugly race? The traditions and great honor of certain civilizations like ancient Japan (incase you haven’t noticed yet it’s my favorite civilization) honor was amongst the highest of held attributes and for many centuries honor and bravery were above anything else.

The unwritten Samurai code of conduct, known as Bushido, held that the true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life was also imperative, as it added balance to the warrior character of the Samurai.

And in the Middle Ages of Europe the knight.

The Code and Measure.

Thou shalt respect the weak and constitute thyself the defender of them.
Thou shalt love the land to which thou hast sworn fealty.
Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.
Thou shalt make war upon evil without cessation.
Thou shalt scrupulously perform thy noble duties be they not contrary to the laws of the land.
Thou shalt be generous and give freely to everyone.
Thou shalt never lie and shall always be faithful to thy word.
Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

A Knight is sworn to Valor;
His heart must know only Virtue;
His Perfect blade must defend the helpless,
And his might shall uphold all weak.
His breath shall bring a word that speaks only truth.
His justly wrath shall undo the wicked.

Most of humanity has it in them to not be ugly and cynical and most of humanity chooses to ignore that very fact.

We could all be better, we could all be honorable, it isn’t just reserved for a specific time, or a specific culture, but because of systems like capitalism we choose not to. The world is rotting away because we let it, because it’s easier than being better.

Knights and Samurai warriors prove that we can all be better.