lots of people who voted dnc are leaving

K: Massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Boom, that is really all that he has accomplished.
And that plays nicely into the hands of those super wealthy who supported his
campaign. Every single action the super wealthy take is some form of
wealth protection or wealth growth. Thus the attempt to dismantle medicare
and social security because the wealthy see opportunities to grow their wealth.
That is their sole agenda, power and wealth. And IQ45 provided them the means
by the massive welfare for the rich with massive tax cuts. They see America as
a cash cow waiting to be milked and that is all they see in America. They don’t have
any pride or faith or hope America does well as a country, they only want to
gather wealth and power, that is how they see America. If America fails, they
couldn’t give a shit because they will simply move their operations to another
country where they try to milk that country into economic collapse to fund
their vast greed. Their entire value system is wealth/power. They are the
supreme actors of the 20th and 21st century nihilism. By negating humans
and their values for their lust for money, they have lead, not only our country,
but many other countries into serious political, economic and social issues.
If you want to change the world, the wealthy and powerful must go.
It is that simple. That is why income inequality is perhaps the
major issue of our time. this income inequality drives virtually all
other problems, of poverty, of global warming, of pollution, of
of our planetary extinction of animals in the name of profits,
of the vast corruption in politics, both in the U.S and around the world.

You could point to the uber wealthy as one of the prime drivers
of virtually every problem America has and thus the only possible
solution is to eliminate them. Hunt them down and harm them in
every way possible. That is the only way to save America at this point.

It has been said the path to justice is to “kill the lawyers” but the
only true path to justice and secure both our freedom and security is
to kill the wealthy.


Who are the insiders?

I took his victory as indication the system is not rigged. Previously, I just figured presidents were appointed, more or less. I figured the insiders wanted Hillary to win and why magazine covers were already printed.

That’s true, but one would think the wealthy should be smart enough to know their customers need money too. If they hog it all via a flatter tax structure, then the system breaks down. Corp profits are falling as we speak and in spite of the tax cuts which means the consumers are out of money.

Okay now it gets even worse. Democrats are happening to be finding these boxes full of ballots in cars which happen to be all votes for Democrats.

How believable!

Really. Are we seriously expected to not see this as an act of war?

Yeah… well good luck with that.

Who is more likely to vote on a provisional ballot?

[i]In elections in the United States, a provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can count. The federal Help America Vote Act of 2002 guarantees that, in most states, the voter can cast a provisional ballot if the voter states that he or she is entitled to vote.[1]

Some of the most common reasons to cast a provisional ballot include:

The voter’s name does not appear on the electoral roll for the given precinct (polling place), because the voter is not registered to vote or is registered to vote elsewhere
The voter’s eligibility cannot be established or has been challenged
The voter lacks a photo identification document (in jurisdictions that require one)
The voter requested to vote by absentee ballot but claims to have not received, or not cast, the absentee ballot
The voter’s registration contains inaccurate or outdated information such as the wrong address or a misspelled name
In a closed primary (limited to members of a political party), the voter’s party registration is listed incorrectly[1]

Whether a provisional ballot is counted is contingent upon the verification of that voter’s eligibility, which may involve local election officials reviewing government records or asking the voter for more information, such as a photo identification not presented at the polling place or proof of residence.[1] Each state may set its own timing rules for when they must be resolved. Provisional ballots therefore cannot usually be counted until after the day of the election.[1][/i] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provisional_ballot

It doesn’t surprise me that more of them would fall into the democrat category given that minorities have difficult names and questionable eligibility status and the poor typically have outdated addresses.

K: not sure which state you are refering to, but in Georgia for example,
the person in charge of the voting process is a republican. How strange
that a party like the GOP that practices voter suppression to influence the
election should suddenly get outraged by honest provisional ballots getting
to the election place. The only way the GOP CAN win elections is by fraud
and voter suppression and other vile tactics designed to win elections. If the
elections were held without voter suppression and Gerrymandering
by the GOP, they wouldn’t win another election nationally, ever.
It is only by cheating that they can win and they know it, which is
why they do it. They stole the 2000, 2004 election
and the 2016 election. Personally, I would not ever let the GOP win another
election ever again because they are cheaters and liars.


Peter, politics aside…you’re right.