what is love?
it can cause many things from homicides,suicides, anger,fustrated,forgivness, happy almost all of the above but i think love is mainly trust you can give ur whole heart to someone and the other person and ripp it apart and make u misrable but we love them so much we cant stand to leave so we stay there and take it. or they can make u the happiest person in the world but its all in trust what they would do with it. i believe society gives us information about love but really no one knows exatcly what it means but yet we try to find it what if love is scared deep down but its scared with trust we can love someone with all our heart but if u have been hurt in the past well ur scared to give it all there but we want to but we dunno what they will do with it they could make it hell and take control of this “Love” cuz we cant seem to get away cuz they have done so much good in the past but making it hell and dont want to get away from how much they helped u

sorry guys if none of this makes any sense this is all well most of what i thought about this subject and if u have any thoughts or anything about this please inform me

“ever since time nothings ever been found that’s stronger then love” -Johnny Cash. It happens all the time, some guy works his entire life to get a job for some big business in nyc, then meets a girl and gives it all up just so they can be together. theres no doubt in my mind that love is the strongest force the world has.


Love IS it cannot be owned like a possession. It cannot be given or taken. It cannot be withheld or manipulated in any way. If you believe Love can be then you have yet to realize true Love . You are Love I am Love we are Love. If you believe you are separate from Love then your idea of love can be manipulated and you by that idea of love.
Homicides, Suicides, Anger, Frustration, Un-forgiveness, Unhappiness.
Are all a result of ones mistranslation of what love actually IS. All of these emotions and acts occur due to the inability to Know personally Thy Self.

I cannot be manipulated by another’s idea of what Love is because they have no real power over me if I know the Truth. Instead I can accept them for who they Truly Are regardless of whether or not they know themselves for who they Truly are. Love IS regardless of what I think it is or what you think it is.

With every relationship we are given yet another opportunity to realize what IS through the beliefs of what we think love is. If the love (you deem as love) causes pain and suffering in any way then you have yet to experience True Love. For the Power lies within your own belief so, be cautious of what you believe to be true when considering Love.

Love is it cannot be destroyed or manipulated used or abused.
But not to worry my friend we have every opportunity to know ourselves :slight_smile:

Much love iamuurme….

I was in love once upon a time. :wink: To me Martin Buber’s I-Thou was the closest thing to an explanation of love. Love is not a feeling its a relation, I-Thou. I would discribe it in detail but I have no doubt I would butcher Buber’s poetry. By the way I’m an atheist and a cynic but I remember being “in Love.” It’s the best. :slight_smile: To quote William James, it’s non-rational, ineffible.


“…baby, don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more…”

Love is an event, some place in time and space in which a being can experience a level of caring grander than anything previously conceivable.