Lowering expectations

I feel that lowering my expectations is a great source of happiness.

It’s almost like wanting nothing,
then surprised and delighted that anything good happens in my life.

Also i think this is relative to the idea of ending thirst in Buddhism.

I think this video makes the point. At 15:05 he gives you the secret to happiness. I think he makes the case.


You gotta lose the 1st s…

I tend to go with that , except when it is not an option to do it.

Then, whatever fills in between the expectation and giving that up gives rise to fahlesd unhappiness.

The choice may not be yours to make.

How does an optimist do this?

I see. It seems that the speaker knows some things that i also know.

I think an optimist would appreciate what ever made their life even slightly more optimal.

No, I have optimistic expectations, always. How do I disregard my belief in positive outcomes?

That can lead ultimately to an optimist and a masochist being in total agreement.

Sorry Dan, just couldn’t help!

An expectation not met, is an expectation that wasn’t meant to be… but only pertinent to there/then, but not forever.

I lost all hope in expectations a very long time ago, but not to expectation itself.

The above is from my own thoughts and feelings, and no-one else’s!