Loyalty vs morality

If you found out that your husband, wife or soulmate who you loved more then anything and were perfect for each other killed someone in the past would you turn them in and send them to prison for the rest of their life even if that person was completely loyal and devoted to you.

if you knew your wife wasnt gong to kill again, then i wouldnt turn her in. i mean thats the whole point of punishment, to prevent future crimes. the revenge that the victims want is a shallow, baseless, unproductive want that almost certainly will not make them happy if they knew that your wife is great, you love her, shes sorry and she wont do it again. if they still want her life ruined at that point, they are stuck in their animal emotions and shouldnt be acknowledged.

If one kills, then that one will always be capable of killing. We are all capable of killing, we are the same beings but mentally…i dunno? The real question is, if u knew your wife was capable of killing again, would u still stick with her and accept it?

Baring in mind she is your ‘‘soul mate’’ ‘‘love of life’’ blah blah.


The first thing to weigh out whether or not to turn her in is how severe the crime was. It would be simply imprudent to turn her in, then later find out that her crime was in self-defense. Also, if the relationship you have is perfect, then turning your partner in would undermine all the perfection that she has aquired, through time,- in good faith - after having killed someone. Again, it depends on what she did. Killing a newborn baby for no reason would be an example to turn her in. And yes, it would be because you don’t trust her. This is why it depends on the crime. Any henious crime such as that (one without logic or merit) would induce you to 1.) stop trusting her, 2.) to think that she would kill again, and 3. To think she’s a psychopath. Even a psycopath could live in harmony with you (in a relationship that you deemed perfect), up until a certain point where they twitch; i.e that woman who drowned her three children in the bathtub because she thought they were demon possesed.
So the factors on the murder would be my higest determinent of whether or not to turn your loved one in.

It would depend on
A) How I found out. Did my wife/soulmate admit this to me because she trusted me completely? Did she say it because she wanted to instill some fear in me? “I have killed before Bucko, now finish those damn pancakes”.
Did I find out on my own and this big secret has been something she wants to keep hidden from me. Call me sappy, but if you are talking soulmate level love, it doesn’t exist with secrets attached.

B) The circumstances of the murder. Was she defending herself? Was the person she murdered abusive to her or those she loved? Did she kill a stalker maybe? Someone breaking into the house or attempting to carjack her?

Or did she kill her first husband for insurance?

Whatever the case I know one thing, I definately would never forget our anniversary.