Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming-that is recognizing that you are in a dream, and being able to control what you do, and everything around you. Basically, you get to play god.

There are no limits in dreams. I have been very interested in lucid dreaming for a while now, but have only really experienced it once :frowning: . I think dreams come from the sub-conscious, and that there is much to be learned from our sub-conscious.

During an LD, you can do whatever you want, and everything seems just as real as waking life. It is truly an amazing experience. I have heard of many cases where people would confront their fears while lucid dreaming, and overcome it by doing so. People also say that talking with other characters in your dream can be very bizarre, or possibly enlightening. It really taps into your creativity as well. For example, you could pick up a phone and dial a random number, and lots of times hear some very philosophical comments that you had never thought of. You can walk right through a mirror, and your mind instantly creates an entire detailed surrounding. Many people practice LDing just for the wild sex you can have [-X .

Since I personally believe our subconscious is connected to some sort of universal energy, I believe there is much to learn from lucid dreaming. There are many induction methods people can practice to lucid dream. It can be very difficult and frustrating to do. You can try and try for weeks maybe and have no success. It varies per person of course. A good way to LD is to perform reality checks 15 times a day or so. A reality check is an easy little test which would prove whether or not you are dreaming. For example, flipping a light switch on and off would usually not change the lighting in a dream. Another common one is to hold your nose, and if you can still breathe through your nose, you are dreaming. There are many others you can do, and can find them on the internet. If you implement these checks into your routine, even if you know you are awake, it will eventually become habit and you will sometimes then remember to do it while dreaming.

Today I found out about a device that aids people in having a LD. Its a blindfold basically with light diodes on it. It uses infrared to detect when you have entered the REM(rapid eye movement) stage. This is the stage when the deepest sleep is done, and also when you dream. When it detects this, the light diodes flash a couple times. You will usually be able to see the flashes in your dream, but you have to train yourself to recognize the cue. It could appear as anything from a chandelier to lightning. You can also set it to play different sounds when you enter REM. It’s fairly expensive but I have read some reviews of the product and apparently it works great. I hope to get it sometime soon.

Lucid dreaming can be the most fun you could have, and I highly recommend looking into it for many reasons.

You forget one thing about it. It is also very exhausting to an already tired mind and body. You wake up in the morning not as spry as you should be. Your mind needs rest as much as your body does. Uncontrolled dreams allow the mind to stretch and relax. When you control your dreams you are very likely to deny certain things that need to be examined by your mind in a relaxed uncontrolled state.

Controlled dreams are interesting and you can learn but, it also can become addictive and dangerous. An exhausted mind becomes unstable. It can come to a point where your sanity is affected.

You seem very enthuisastic for only experiencing LD once. I on the other hand have experienced it many times. At first I would go for the sexual gratification angle, but eventually reasoned it was unproductive and perhaps even unhealthy. Most people who have lucid dreams mental blocks that don’t allow them to reach a godlike state of mind. In fact I would even say that LDs are limited to your experience. Often times in LDs I would try and fly but could got go past a certain hieght or travel further than my own home town. The biggest problem I personally had while in a LD was the constant fear that I would wake up or snap back to reality and therefore could not acheive the full potential of the dream. (the funny thing about this is I would perceive that I woke up but I would still be dreaming and not know it) The most profound experience I had while in an LD was when I performed meditation while in the LD.

I have heard of all the ways that are suppose to induce LDs and tried a few. Generally all I would do was tell myself as I lay falling asleep that I was about to enter a dream.

I realize it can be unhealthy and that some of the induction methods mess with your sleeping schedule quite a bit. So yes it is not something to do all the time, but then again most people can only get it once in a while so I think it is pretty safe to do. Another thing is that when you get them, they tend to not last all that long, so you will still get plenty of time every night for your mind to relax.

I’ve only had a chance to experience LD about 3 times, at least, thats all I can recall. After your enthusiastic opening post, I can’t help but feel I’ve wasted such a great opportunity. My most common reaction, after the realization that I am dreaming, would be proclamation. If I’m not mistaken, I remember ending all 3 instances attempting to manipulate my surroundings, and sadly causing the LD itself, to abrupty end.

You stated examples and common reasons for why most people practice this, if you don’t mind me asking, which one interests you the most?

Tapping into the sub-conscious. I have read on lucid dreaming forums about people hearing some very interesting things from dream characters and you never really know what to expect from them. The curiosity is killing me…very anxious to have another LD.

First of all, i have been lucid dreaming for about 3 years now, i can induce it pretty much when i want to, but it has to be under certin circumstances.
Mainly that i have to not be tired, the simple reasoning behind that is because all dreaming happens in REM sleep, i’m guessing you already figured
that out though. When it comes to finding ways to induce lucid dreaming i do not know what to tell you, there are simply some minds which
are more prone to it. I have probobly had 300-400 lucid dreams, there was a year when i had them every night almost.

Although most people would think that sex would be the most enjoyable thing in a lucid dream, well, they are very wrong. Sex in a lucid dream feels
just like sex in reality, it is not a miraculous experience. However, if you break the boundries of what is possible in reality, when you do things
like running at the speed of light, flying, anything, it feels exactaly as you wish it would feel, which is of course different for every person, but
for everyone it feels amazing to bend the laws of reality.

I do not believe that you are doing anything to your body that you would not do in normal REM sleep, you are doing more to your mind as the better your dreams get the worse your reality gets.

I have these issues with lucid dreaming. Every time I’m dreaming I try to fly. I was successful in my last attempt to do this, but I could only fly in a straight line (down a stretch of road on our college campus, actually). And I kept running into the ground like I was flying the Banshee from Halo poorly.

One time I scared myself awake. I realized I was dreaming, tried to fly, couldn’t get very high, so I tried to make the sun come up so I could see where I was going and maybe that would help let me fly. Well, the dream started in my room, and I walked outside, and I couldn’t make the sun come up, so I started thinking that maybe I was sleepwalking. I didn’t want to be outside in the cold in my underwear miles away from my apartment, so I woke myself up. I was pissed when I wound up still in bed :laughing:

I’ll have to try something different next time I enter one. I don’t think my mind wants me to fly.

If you are having limitations in your lucid dreaming then they are fairly weak lucid dreams. The only thing you have to do when you’re in a lucid dream is believe that you can do somethign, no matter how cheesy it sounds, that’s simply how it works. One of the coolest visual experiences i’ve had in a lucid dream was flying straight up from england and going a bit into space, seeing the whole earth and then flying straight back down somewhere in America.

Once you’ve had 10-15 or so you will start to be able to control your sleep easier while having lucid dreams, there will be times when my eyes will start to flicker and i can see my room and it’s very sensetive but if you stay calm and focused in the dream you can fall back into sleep again.

Tis possible. I’ve only had a handful in my entire life…maybe like 6 or 7.

I had a dream where a tiger ripped my jewels case open, and I woke up trembling for like a second. Is that a lucid dream?

Lucid Dreaming: exploring the sub-conscious consciously.

I haven’t had a super vivid expirience yet but a good reality check is to write your full name on a piece of paper and read it every hour, really read it though, not mechanically (you can’t read in a dream, the letters are all fucked up).

Please do not have in savage sex right away, go have a philosophical conversation with some dude then manifest some blazing hot chick in the middle of a busy intersection and engage in vicious intercourse.

Collective sub-conscious dude, hell yeah.

I have never heard of this Lucid dreaming but it sounds pretty damn interesting.

If you can feel like your flying in this state that is freakin amazing.

New life goal: Learn to Lucid Dream.

No joke, when you realize you are dreaming, and you take the time to notice how realistic everything is in your dream it is truly amazing. I have had 2 more lucid dreams since making the OP. My problem is I have terrible dream recall when I wake up.

‘Exploring the subconscious consciously’


Actually the claim that you can do anything you desire in a Lucid Dream is not true. Generally, one can respond to their environment, but if they are a long time practictioner, they will learn they cannot determine the environment, just like being awake, almost.

The claims that it is a free for all fantasy state are usually made by people who have had little, or little constructive experience in the state. I started lucid dreaming as a presonal experiment before it was “rediscovered” in the early 60’s. And I assumed, at that time, and for quite a long time, that I was dealing with my own subconscious.

Imagine this, if we learn by experience, which we do, is it possible to acquire experience that is specific to our mental deficiencies? Not very probably because we really do not know ourself.
How important would it be then, if we could attain to an environment structured to our personal psychological need, an envioronment that addressed our personal deficiencies? If this is true, one cannot describe anything of a universal nature to the state other than it is psycho theraphy.

It was written that Lucid Dreaming would be taken from man for such a long time that he would forget what it was and what it was for–but that sometime in the history of man, it would return. It is back.

I suggest that it be taken seriously. I suggest that it be viewed as a place one is being taught. And if you do come to understand that the experience is not from our own mind, do not then assume that man’s myths about God are true. You only know for sure, what experiences you have.

Indeed. In fact i’ve had alot of potential lucid dreams but only one real one. On all of the other occasions where I realised I was dreaming I woke up instantly

You have to stay relaxed. Rub your hands together!

Are you dreaming now?