The luxury is a very special phenomenon, especially for human beings. Human beings are luxury beings. They make their artificial island of luxury in the sea of nature. Evolution is not just about adaptation to nature, but also about distancing from nature, thus about the luxury islands.

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For human beings luxury is not the exception but the rule.

No. The so-called “revolutions” are also and especially a part of the luxury. They are a special kind of luxury for they occur because the so-called revolutionary want the power and thus the greatest possible luxury gratis, without any work, without any effort, … and so on.

If we tried to control that, it would merely lead to more njustice, unfairness, and so on because it would make the upper class very much richer (in an expoentially way, so that it perhaps will lead to a new human species), but the middle and lower class very much poorer, so that there soon will be no middle class anymore.