Lyrics for 'The Seven Seals - Interlude'

Not only when I’m distressed, I resurrect Zeus
So toddle off if you’re the kind who don’t need proof
'Cos you don’t wanna know the truth, you’d rather keep your beliefs-
Whilst we be making mountains rise up out of the sea
‘Cos that’s the way we like to sing The Song of Yes and Amen,
Bringin’ light to the stage that we’re prepared to defend
As they dance just as though we’re in the finest of dreams,
Yeah magic happens like the spectacle that follows the deed.
So lean in close and taste the spice of life,
I’m bearing fruit, and it’s abundantly ripe.
And what’s that? You wanna be like a bird?
Then free yourself, catch fire and be heard!

I should have added in the OP that Nietzsche wrote a chapter called The Seven Seals which can be found at the end of the third book of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. If you want to read it (and it’s not that long), look here.
In the short song I posted (which is my own work) I have made reference to all seven seals.

PS: one way to think of the seven seals is as seven different types of divine experiences that can be had that are not merely in your head.

OP revised. It’s better now. :slight_smile:

It should be “And what’s that”, because the additional stanza is not contrary to the ascension and direction of the poem; the phoenix is the bird rising up from the ashes. “Being a bird” would be complimentary to the ascension implied in the “rising mountains”…so that the person the question is directed to is not posing the decision to be a bird as an alternative to the direction of ascension in the poem. “But” is used when there is an exception…a reconsideration…another option…a possible alternative, etc.

Get rid of “but anyway”. It is clumsy, and it makes the sense that what is to follow is not as important- “but anyway…we, etc., etc.” You maintain a steady and comfortable form of dialect throughout…a decent mix of metaphorical terms with a basic ebonic application, which is to say, you don’t overdo it in either direction…not to Shakespearean and not to Ice Cubean.

On further thought, I think you’re right. I’ve changed it like you suggest.

I’ve changed this too, as well as the 6th line ‘…that we’re prepared to defend’.

OP revised.