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I just got a hold of DreamWeaver web-development enviroment Software. It’s the sweetest web-developer I’ve ever come across. But, I have a few questions:

  1. Does DreamWeaver v4.0 “do” XML?

  2. Are there any other web-development software that you guys could recommend over DreamWeaver (and that does NOT cost too much—My Dad got it for free, but it would normally have cost him just over $1,600.00 to buy it)?

Thanks! :sunglasses:


That’s all I use pretty much…


depends whut your doing. if microsoft’s visual studio supported all the other development languages it would be sweet. i hate dreamweaver with a passion. but alot of people like it alot. i think it all depends whut language your doing for the job. for straight HTML i like frontpage express. for PHP zend studio owns. for anything .net Visual Studio Owns. Dreamweaver just tries to cater to everything and doenst do any one language justice. Im a firm believer in finding the right tool for the job.

Seriously, frontpage is evil.

It uses microsoft-only tags and javascript compliance. It’s not a good tool. Not AT ALL cross browser compatible.

Learn HTML. Learn Javascript. Fuck with Photoshop. Learn how to cut images with Fireworks.

That’s all you need to know to be an 80k a year web developer.

Add a knowledge of databases…MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Oracle, Access, whatever… plus another language…my preference… Perl… PHP is good, too. CFM pays a lot.

Dude, you’re young and motivated with free time on your hands. You’re homeschooled. Ask your mother to make up a web development class for you. When I was your age I was in a full time database programming job. Just do it.

Oh, I meant to say this:

This does NOT mean that He (my dad) pirated it. He got it free because He had a company built him a website using DreamWeaver. They included the cost of the software in the overall fee of the whole project.

Dear BMW-Guy,

You should have said this earlier. I’m afraid I’ve already reported your father through your IP address to the BSA ( for software piracy.

Sorry if this causes problems

  • ben

Oh dear…

I was once accidentally reported and it took several months + paperwork to sort out :frowning:

obviously this was just a joke which unfortunately backfired and BMW-Guy took it seriously. Oh well!

Just goes to show: Trust No-One!

  • ben

it wasnt a joke when they did it to me…

the guy even admitted it was a joke and they still pursued it, totally messed up my week…but they did give me a apology at the end…

Whew! I’m laughing now, but I wasn’t yesterday. I just know that there would have been a lot of confussion–my dad would have had to contact the web-developer to obtain proof of purchase, etc.

I guess you’re just keeping me on my toes, ben! :wink: