Made for Each Other

So, my father is at that age where he repeats himself constantly. My mother has Alzheimer’s.

They get along just great.

He can say the same thing three times in five minutes, and for her, it’s always news.

Maybe I should have tried harder to stay married.

Very cute. My mother has it too and is a very mean woman. My dad died too young - 56. On purpose.

Ha!! They’re so funny (when at a distance).

My great aunt has developed the habit of saying what she really feels under her breath and, because she’s now completely deaf, she doesn’t know she’s vocalizing it.

For instance, she greeted a relative a little while back with smiles and compliments then muttered “she’s so fat… she’s put on so much weight”. Luckily the relative thought it was more funny than offensive.

Another time she muttered that she had better hide her purse because she thought the person she was speaking to stole money from her last time.

Near the end of another visit, she started muttering, “I wish they would go, I need to go to the toilet.” So we rapidly took our leave.

But sometimes it’s quite touching. On one occasion when I was helping her get dressed she kept muttering “He shouldn’t have to do this… I feel awful…. He shouldn’t have to do this”. So you get to hear good things as well.

Listening to her 45 minute nightly prayers are very revealing too. :smiley:

If only everyone said what they really thought we might end up in a world like this … ed&search=


The other day, I’m visiting my mother at the home. There’s this woman there, by the name of Marie who spends her time hallucinating, reliving her days as a hard-nosed pit boss at the phone company. “You’re a disgrace”, “When am I going to get some workers with some brains?”, “You won’t last a week” and such the like. So here she is one day, hallucinating madly, surrounded by elderly females, saying “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, come on, girls, you’re like a bunch of old women”. To which my mother, who does not realise that Marie is in her own world, replies, politely but with just a touch of condescension, “Well, Marie, you know, we are a bunch of old women”, which is the most coherent thing I have heard her say all day.

Then my uncle, who happens to be in the same home, wanders over and says, “unhahummahemawandanbah”, which is the most coherent thing I have heard him say in months. Then the hundred-and-three-year-old woman, whose name I cannot recall, who has a truly astounding face, a mesmerising face, like that of a (male) colonial american farmer in a primitive painting, in a high, piercing falsetto, is yelping “Ouch! Ow! Ouch-ouch!” because the aide is touching her (she is not in pain, though - she just doesn’t like to be touched).

I used to work in that home. Washing floors and cleaning toilets. In many ways, it was my favorite job so far.

hmm…I can hear the theme song to Cheers playing.

On second thought, maybe it would be a bit more like, “sometimes you want to go, where nobody knows your name, and they can’t remember that you came…”