Magic Eye

I’ve been looking at a couple of these pictures today… it got me thinking… How come nobody is making Magic Eye pr0n… I’d love to get a copy of Playboy or Hustler and do some “magic eyeing” of those images? Yes I could be considered a sick pervert, but with an idea like this I might just be the next Hugh Heffner.

What’s your take?

Nice innovation. However you’ve got to consider that the average masturbator wants a quick thrill, not something you have to stare out for hours to make out a nipple.

Or you could just wrap the wife/girlfriend up in psychadelic cling-film and squint at her strangely until she slaps your stupid face. :evilfun:

[size=75][note: please leave airholes in the cling-film, lest porn become snuff.][/size]

Wouldn’t sell. People usually watch porn when they want to masturbate, which may be why the average amount of time a person utilizes visual porn is 7 minutes. Men tend to prefer visual sexual stimulation, and are very specific when it comes to what they find stimulating. A porn film is viewed by fast-forwarding to the segments that arouse the particular viewer(s). Be it picture or film, they want to be able to see every last detail of whatever it is that gets them going…and they’re in a rush. [size=59]This is pretty much what Some1 has already posted …I must like to hear myself type.[/size]

I have never been able to see anything in those Magic Eye pictures. So I hate them. :imp:

Hey Tab…you don’t think the wife/girlfriend would slap you while you’re wrapping her in the cling film?

I think it could be a fun novelty item to have hanging on a wall somewhere in plan view. The fact some people find them so hard to see would be the joke, as when they finally do see it… just quote some Freud at them.

Plus I just noticed original post needs some smile faces :slight_smile:

I went looking for some Magic Eye pr0n and believe or not I found none… mind you I did only spend 2 minutes looking.

But I did find a fun 3D Pong Game!

To be honest I think you’ll have more luck developing pheremones for people to spray on others that they need to sleep with but just don’t find attractive.

Magic eye pr0n could be a great idea. While people may say there is no market for it, they fail to realize that THERE IS A MARKET FOR EVERYTHING. If people will buy the ‘Amazing Deluxe Super Fat-Griller 3000 with optional stereo system’ im sure people would buy magic eye pr0n. And then once some people baught it, others would too (even if they couldn’t see the pictures) just to seem cool. Peer pressure is that powerful of a weapon.

There very well may be “a market for everything” but the market may be so small as to make the initial investment (and the marketing required to reach these few people) unprofitable.

Magic Eye or autostereograms (for the more nerdishly inclinded) really hit their peak in the late 90’s It has been all downhill since then. One limitation is the resolution rate is poor. The 3-D images are fairly simplistic. Human bodies would look cartoonish.

There was a shareware or freeware program somewhere that allowed you to create your own Magic Eye from an existing pic. So if you found that program, and then found some fitting images you could DIY.