Man these guys have alotta skill..

These guys are nuts, I’d love to see some cops try to chase after them.

They’d make crazy basketball players… perfect bodies for it, albiet a little short.

Heh, their knees are gonna be gone by the time they’re… now.

Yep, it’s very cool. The BBC used to show clips of this sort of thing between shows…

this is precisely the reason i started exercising again a while ago.

If only I could run up walls (and do backflips), then my life would be complete…

Mine would be revolutionary…

Taps mic Is this thing on?



Just WOW. :astonished:

I’d love to have those skills. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth though. :wink:

Excellent video!

Thank you for sharing, Mr. Kebop.


it’s great! such agility!

It should be on every school curriculum by next year. siatd, get onto it.


sorry for raising my voice earlier

Go to a gymnasium, boys club or similar and ask them about their gymnastics programs with parkour/free running. Some programs here have merged with karate and/or fitness programs as well.

When I was doing gymnastics (for 9 guelling years) you had nothing but an instructor’s hand trying to flip your head off the mat before it smashed into the ground. The more complex vaults and twists were practiced in the pool before the moment of truth. #-o

Today, the safety has improved dramatically so if you go to a good gym/club you’ll probably find belts that tie from one wall to the other or from the ceiling. These are the safety harnesses that catch you (to a degree) when you slip up.

Some gyms/clubs here have special nights where they gym is turned into an obstacle course or they merge gymnastics with karate training.

My training has paid off several times over. It’s now impossible for me to fall without doing a safety roll or land on my feet like a cat. I’ve had lots of falls and never once broken a bone. One time I was hit by a car while crossing the road, I did a back flip and landed on my feet :smiley: It must have freaked the driver out. (That was a while ago though; I don’t intend checking if the auto reflexes are still up to scratch.

PS: These guys are seriously screwing their joints (ankles and knees in particular) if they work on concrete-type surfaces often. They may be dynamos in their youth but they’ll be cripples by the time they’re middle aged.

i can rub my belly and pat my head :confused:

Both at the same time I hope?

Yeah, but at least they’ll be badass cripples. :smiley:

it deepends, many of them are rolling when they land. If they are not overweight, and they don’t do “huge” (I mean really stretching the limit) droops too much, they will probably be ok.

I have skateboarded for over 10 years, and when I was younger, like 17 years old, I took big stair droops and I am fine now being 26, but I just have to be a bit more careful now since my balance is not what it used to be. (mostly cause I eat too much damn pizza)

The human body is amazing and a lot of fun :smiley: