Man vs Animal

At one time Man saw himself as distincly different from the animals. Lately, particularly now that researchers have found that
monkeys have displayed a sense of morality, it is becoming difficult to draw any distinctions. What, in your opinion separates Man from the animals?


Succinct and …cynical?

I know how it sounds, but I don’t think I’m actually being cynical. I think our differences are profound enough to not simply say we are an animal like any other; nonetheless, we are not different in nature, as is so elegantly expressed by the theory of evolution. I almost said “distance”, but that was a bit vague and ambiguous.

Humans differentiate between and evaluate things, animals are purely instinctual. Also, all these recent new observations of animals displaying abstract thought and what not… seems like extrapolated horseshit to me. Most likely to further certain agendas.

Animals follow the laws of Nature
Humans break the laws of Nature

We do?

Sure we do, an ape cannot fly.
An Ape cannot swim.

I should have said that the difference is “Choice”.

We can choose not to be instinctual, although it is there.

Humans have free will, Animals follow the rules.


I’d say the only difference between humans and other animal(because whether or not humans choose to accept it or no, we are animal,) is our ability to destroy.

No difference. We just think we,re important. Everyone of our opinoins are biased. We need to ask a tree or a rock for its opinon on the matter.

The difference is in degrees, like a Phd compared to a preschooler. We are only “superior” through degrees of physical and mental evolution and adaptation. Being omnivores, migratory and bipedal, helped us to evolve to where we are now. Well that and losing our body fur for the most part :laughing:

Hah!!! Prove that only man posts on forums!

Zero wrote,

To tell the truth I was hoping for exactly the opposite answer. I was hoping that someone would hold up man’s creativity as an example of a distinct difference.

Indeed I was hoping someone would mention music or art, and we might discuss their genesis, and why they continue to be held in such high esteem by society.

Is anyone willing to take the discussion in that direction?


i was going to say absolutely nothing - but perhaps it could be our conscious, intelligent choice to love but i think some animals do that too.

so probably not a damn thing…and why would we want to feel separate from the animals anyway? we are animals as they are in every sense of the word.

so animals can’t write, Tab, what is the big deal anyway about that? they are our inspiration - No?

Creating a way of storing and transferring information that can be interpreted and used independent of the individual/generation doing the creating is the only way to set the circle of life and death spiralling gently upwards.

Without that ability, whatever gains in knowledge and skills an indiviual or generation of a given species makes is vunerable to extinction along with that individual, or if successfully transmitted orally, vunerable again to corruption down the halls of chinese whispers. Plus, a written account is cheap to maintain. It just sits there, doesn’t need to be carefully memorized and endlessly revised, doesn’t even need to be useful knowledge in the context of concurrent needs, should enviromental factors change.

Imagine a monkey who invents a fishing technique. Very useful. But then, the water dries up in his or her area, and remains that way for a century. In that time of drought, fish-monkey’s son, sand-sifter, doesn’t bother to teach his son, dry-belly, the stuff his cracked old dad taught him about these mythical silvery swimmy things, and so, the knowledge of fishing dies out.

Then the rains come, and the fish come back, and nobody knows how to fucking catch them. But if Fish monkey had written a book…

But, if you wanna be a seagull Ms. Livingstone, you go right ahead. You might find it hard to peck out your SMS messages on your cell however.

“A conscious intelligent choice to love” my arse, what’s intelligence got to do with love…? Have you seen the kind of choices some people make during their love-lives…? :-k

Tab you are placing entirely too much meaning on what i wrote above. i know all of this that you wrote albeit i would not have actually written it as you did =D> actually i was just trying to be more like you Tab with your one-liners. they are indeed so witty and ironic at times. oh how miserably i failed at imitating you. please forgive my barren efforts. :blush:

exactly, and didn’t i refute my “a conscious intelligent choice to love”? didn’t i say “not a damn thing”? I love to write, Tab. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


i don’t understand “woof” what does it mean? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: