Man was never to eat of the tree of life.

Man was never to eat of the tree of life.

I do not think man was ever intended to eat of the tree of life and you will note that nowhere in scriptures is it’s lose bemoaned.

We came out of Eden being as Gods and knowing all that he knows. God’s own words in this myth. They have become as Gods.

We are then denied the ability to have that knowledge live forever as it would make man stagnate at whatever level of knowledge he had then, or even now if we extrapolate the story to where we are all Adams. Our knowledge continues to evolve.

The archetypal God in this myth does not want man to idolize his own knowledge as that would stifle progress. We are to perpetually raise the bar and not make an unchangeable immortal idol of what we know. We are to deny ourselves the immortality of our ideas and knowledge. They, like man, are to evolve forever.

I bet you never thought of this myth that way.

Can you see it?



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I think the tree of life represented immortality and should not be confused with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve did eat of the latter tree.

No one confused the two.

It is said to represent immortality, yes.

Do you believe that we ate to be or could ever be immortal and if so, why do you think the ancients never mourned it’s great loses?

Is immortality not just wishful thinking without any basis in fact or reality?