I have notice that people with alot of power, wealth or just sheer luck marginalize those in the absence of freedom and power.

They will say things like:

[b]“Life isn’t really that bad and I don’t think you are in deteriorating shape like you make yourself out to be in.”

“There are plenty of opportunities out there, why don’t you take advantage of them?”

“You are in the position that your in right now because you brought yourself there in the first place.”

“Life isn’t all that bad and inequal you are just overly exaggerating.”[/b]

What does this mean when individuals with power or random luck say such things to people in the absence of freedom, success and happiness? To me it sounds like shifting the blame and responsibility of society as a whole through marginalization.


to place in a position of marginal importance, influence, or power: (example.) the government’s attempts to marginalize criticism and restore public confidence.

To relegate or confine to a lower or outer limit or edge, as of social standing.

the social process of becoming or being made marginal (especially as a group within the larger society); “the marginalization of the underclass”.[/b]

Those in power do this either because they have a inability to understand what it is like to be in scarcity, desperation, alienation,desensitization, and isolation or because they do not want to hear and observe other people’s resentment in that they would rather put a idealized blanket of fantasy over reality pretending that such problems do not exist fully so that they may feel that they themselves have no responsibility towards other people.

It is merely a shit of blame and burden through the focus point of marginalizing others.

It is merely a shield that those with power put up as if to make their hands look clean to those less fortunate in contrast to themselves while simultaneously it is their exploitive means of living that put such people into misery in the first place all at the same time.

There are two different types of social powers in the United States right now:

  1. those who have been born into it

  2. those who have acquired it

Addressing #1 - Those who have been born into large sums of wealth strongly reinforce the status quo. They are given lessons by private teachers and mentors who strictly reinforce and promote the repetition of certain values and morals over vast periods of time in history. This is how I view the power monopolization staying the way it has and continuing onward into infinity. Where best to lead the future than the tiny babies and children who already own billions of dollars and assets…?

Addressing #2 - Those who have acquired wealth almost never acquire massive wealth, because doing so often takes many subsequent lifetimes. The chances are decent that a low class individual can work at McDonald’s for his/her entire life and push a child into the lower-middle class. The lower-middle class child grows and goes to college; perhaps he/she then starts a business that is successful and joins the middle class (making 50k-250k a year). That individual then teaches his/her children even better and they struggle to raise further and further, so on and so forth.

People miss the generation gaps when describing social inequalities, as if social inequality is a make-or-break, once in a lifetime event. It clearly is not. What is consistent through generations is the struggle! You struggle Joker, because you feel cheated. Personally, I am very fortunate to be in a different position. I am lower-middle class and I barely afford myself the basic necessities that every person I see around me takes for granted. I have student loans, debts, a meager sum of wealth, I live with roommates who I grew up with during my youth, and I can only continue the way I am because I require almost no cost to maintain my lifestyle outside of rent and basic amenities.

So, let’s get back to the point. People who acquire more and more wealth during their lifetimes desperately love to reinforce the delusions given to them by top. They love to say, “work for it and you can get it!” However, it is only partially true. Their failure to comprehend your situation comes from a lack of insight into their own lives, into the lives of others, and especially into the delusional hierarchy and structure of society. They almost always do not and cannot understand their position in life. So, they resort to verbal gimmicks to make themselves feel better about your plight. Then, they can delude themselves into thinking that there is some kind of greater “equality” working behind the scenes in the world.

It is the “pecking order” of life. The child who sleeps upon a bed of gold will never give it up without a fight. You can bet on this. They will fight to the death for it when push comes to shove. This is what people do not understand. If you compete with Microsoft; you, will, lose. You literally need to be “ingenious” in your cunning to “rise to the top”. Even if you are ingenious, then you must succumb to the temptations of unlimited power through corruption. You “join” the ranks of the social elite.

Welcome to the “real” world friends… :evilfun:



Joker have you ever read “the prince”?