There is a market in our town.
It’s set up only once a week.
The people come from miles around
To buy and sell and just to seek

A feeling of a bygone day
When markets were a meeting place.
I took my Mom to sit and watch
To help slow down our life’s fast pace.

The trapeze is a thrill to watch.
I ask Mom if she’d like to try.
“No thanks”, she laughs but never says
I am too old to try and fly.

We talk about the horse she had
So many, many years ago.
I say she could go for a ride.
Again she laughs but then says, “No”.

We watch the kids jump up and down
In bungees on a trampoline.
She laughs once more but only says,
“To do that son, I’m just not keen”.

When we come to a stand with fruit
I see her interest start to rise
As peaches, plums and cherries red
Become reflected in her eyes.

“These cherries are my favorite”,
She says as she starts to dig in.
There is no time for laughter now.
There’s barely even time to grin.

As we move on I start to shake
Because I know what lies ahead.
When choosing pastries or her life
My mother would choose to be dead.

She pulls me to them with such force
I have to strain to hold her back.
After she laughs I do give in
And buy a treat we both attack.

“Thanks Doug”, she says, "That was so good.
To that I always will agree.
Our time together was well spent.
Today I bought a memory.

Very touching, heartfelt poem DEB “Doug?” It may be out-of-fashion in our modern age’s youth-obsession, but it’s good to honor those who brought us into the world - who not only gave us life but guided us thru the peaks and valleys of life as we experienced them and imparted the wisdom on how to navigate them.

lhw - AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss

Thanks lhw. I am a dinasaur. I am the only one here who rhymes lines and maintains a consistant rhythm like poets in the Jurasic period. I am not trying to slow ‘progress’. I just hear the music so I sing along. If poetic images flow from me in free verse some time I will record them. Until then I will write the way that comes naturally. As for my mother, what can I say? I owe her my life. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to repay the time she gave me but I am giving her all that I have.


Thanks again lwh. As I said you seem to have a sensitivity that is not as aparent in the 20 somethings.

Thanks for the read Ierrellus.

Thanks, but I’m actually 34 - soon to 35 in just more than a week in fact. I’m flattered, though, that you thought I was in my 20’s - certainly wish I still was.

lhw - AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss