'Master Of The Universe' Theory

Hello everyone again!

I don’t think anyone remembers me :slight_smile:
First time I posted was around 2 years ago mainly on stuff related to thinking, existance related issues and debating. Anyway I had to sort some … things in the last 2 years (which is still unfinished), but nonetheless, I do admit my philosophical side got the better of me so here I am again :slight_smile:

I did reread my previous posts and I do admit I liked the old me, although I hope that even though I changed, I still have that part inside me. Still, I do think it is liek riding a bike - especially since my psychological self influeced my philosophical self and since I like Psychology so much I have a feelings philosophy is here to stay :slight_smile: Right, moving on…

During the course of the last 15 months I’d say I gained new experiences which influenced me either good or bad and made me think of lots of things.
So far I only started one debate (“How does Memory work ?” 2 years ago), so it is time to start another one :slight_smile:. i’ll call this ‘Master of the Universe’.

Here is the scenario. We have 5 people: 3 guys and 2 girls. We have a place. Whatever/Whereever you want. Now then, let’s tighten this to 2 couples: one guy and one girl - obviously :slight_smile: Guy 1 with Girl 1, Guy 2 with Girl 2. Both guys and girls knows eachother and are good friends. However, they are all close friends with Guy 3.

Guy 3 is our ‘Master of the Uni’, and by that I mean he has special trades. Well not abilities as this theory refers to plausable things. He has the ‘power’ to influence and manipulate everything around him, but only regarding others, never himself. By this, I mean, f.e. if Guy 1 and Girl 1 have a fight he can influence them to get back together in such a way that they won’t “feel” it, and make it seem like they wanted to (and yes they would want to as Guy 3 wants to see his friends happy). Alright. Nothing special so far.

So Guy 3 can manipulate everything and everyone for others (obviously to do good :stuck_out_tongue:) but not himself - I apply the following theory here: I am a Dr. Love kinda guy. All guys ask me for advice regarding girls and I know exactly what to tell them to make them get liked by girls, BUT the second I fall in love I am lost. I do beleive many of you were in a situation similar to this where friends asked you for advice on ANY field/issue but when you had to do it you were unsure and had to ask someone for advice as well.

Alright so this is the scenario: 2 couples - all of them friends, and one guy wanting to do everything for them, and them in return help him and are there for him whenever he needs it. Obviously Guy 1&2 + Girl 1&2 are happy - well they are in love :slight_smile: At the moment Guy 3 is happy for them, because he is happy if his friends are happy. But obviously he is lonely…

Alright - the debate issue is coming up :slight_smile:
My question is, is it possible that for a group of people - say a group of friends, of around 15, nice round number - to have one person that is “sacrificed” so that they can be happy ? By sacrificed I mean he is without a SO (significant other).

Let’s assume that this is true, there must ALWAYS be at least one person that will be a friend to a group (yes and the friendship is mutual so don’t digress into topics like “depends if the friend is used/abused by them” cos that is not the case in this scenarion :slight_smile:) that will be happy if they are happy, but yet not quite happy ?

Pushing it further… IF it is true, then let’s make this Guy #3 die alone. Obviously all his friends will be sad as they cared for him… But. The secondary question is, did he die sad or happy ? What if, he dies happy because he knows how much happyness he spread around by doing everything he could (using his MOTU “powers” to help his friends) for his true friends. Does that mean that someone could be unhappy during hte course of their life, help a lot of people, do a lot of good and yet be happy AFTER they die knowing they helped so many people ? If this is true, does it mean that (assuming everyone will do AT LEAST ONE important good deed that marked them and influenced them in a positive way) everyone will die happy or at least, be happy after dying ? Therefore it might mean that everyone is happy (indirectly).

Assuming htis is not the case, and Guy #3 is selfish (ok I am harsh) and can only think about loneliness, does it mean that the only moment he will be happy is seeing his friends happy ? But since this is true it means he will die sad. But - note he was happy at least once during the course of his life. (By ‘happy’ I am not referring to happyness when you get a good grade at school or seeing the good guy survived in a movie, but more like that special warm, fuzzy feeling you get deep inside). Still this means that he was happy at least once… so… he doesn’t die unhappy, but just sad.

So in other words, can it be, that everyone dies happy ?!
Although the scenario isn’t worked andtweaked to its 100% perfect state, it is enough for a debate, me thinks - please don’t mess with details :stuck_out_tongue: Just look at the big picture :slight_smile:

Before I let you start, my opinion is that yeah, people end up dying happy (but because they know they helped others or even themselves - even thieves with pride they pulled a great heist and weren’t caught or at least ended up famous).

I wish you happy debating.

IF determines alot these days :).

I dunno… If I were #3, I would probably relish the control, and maybe do some evil manipulating, and enjoy myself.

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