Mastering women

Can someone please explain them to me? We discovered so much over the course of human history. This is long overdue.

  1. They don’t have a penis
  2. They are the ones that get pregnant and give birth
  3. They’re mad

That’s about all I’ve worked out…

=D> =D> Gosh you got it one try. How can any explain women when men are just as confusing Everyone is different women have certain things that are shared as do men.

Mastering women ? Lol, what do you think women are, wretched anthropoids in your menagerie ?

Really now, you cannot ever truly know anyone…

Is this some sort of joke? How about understanding YOUR woman… But “mastering” “all” women?

This is a sweeping and sexist statement that gave me a good laugh this morning. Mastering me? In your dreams - maybe., and even then I would have you juggling balls in the air and tap dancing.

Come to think of it, I guess we women are a bewildering bunch. I am thinking perhaps electric shock therapy or leather restraints of some sort might be a pleasant idea this morning. Call me! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Actually Bessy I don’t think it’s as sexist as you might think. I feel that he is asking how to develop an understanding of women. I think it’s a figure of speech really.

I mean God forbid anyone ‘masters’ you Ms Bessy.


1 - Mastering women is best achieved with a good whip

2 - Replace your old kitchen and install a top of the range kitchen from Ikea.

3 - Get them pegnant and watch them flower.

4 - Make is obvious that they are the Master.

5 - Have a imaginative and active approach to sex.

6 - Actually love them.

7 - Talk to them. (Jesus…!)

8 - Learn to enjoy cooking.

9 - Cry.

10 - Marry them.

(Remember this list was written by one who is not full-qualitifed in the Art of womanising. i.e. singing to women in order to seduce. This list may differ according to situation.)

Colin… :laughing: humor appreciated.


So , if I said I would like to master a few men today, you wouldn’t see it as Bessy with a whip and a smile?


BUT, your point is taken…

Well if it was Bessy posing the question, then I would imagine a whip. But since it is liquidangel reading, I see it as quite an innocent question. O:)


Because YOU are sweet and I am a wicked woman…

God, I love that!

Damn! I really wanted to say something here, but on second thought… :astonished:


Actually there really is nothing to it.



Hello F(r)iends,

Females are simple, really. It’s just they are complicated when compared to men.

Remember, sjstudy, that it is easier for women to understand men, then it is for men to understand women. Any problems with communication can be blamed on their complexity and superiority of being. It’s really the best position to be in… If you try to rise to their level, you will be taken down by the Women’s Council for trying to userp the power that they have over the world. So don’t try. It’s better for everyone. :wink:




Observe how Bessy and LA jump to defend women before anything is said about them. This doesn’t suggest that anything is wrong with women but that there is an unspoken pressure residing in the minds of women and they are on alert for anything “sexist” that might be said about them.

There is nothing so comically pathetic as a woman trying to redeem herself in the company of a man who wouldn’t know a great woman anyway if she bit him on the ass. I would begin to explain how women are inferior to the man, yet in todays world I cannot even say that…for there are no great men.

A great woman is the rarest of exceptions, and I keep an eye out for one where ever I go. Until such time as she is found, women, for me, are sex objects for my entertainment. Women are “capitalisms sacrifice to me,” might be a way to put it. I take neither the people or the political virtues of a capitalism seriously. One day I hope to summon the courage to rape and kill if my sex drive hasn’t already waned anyway. Damn! If only I would have started sooner!

Projecting as ever détrop. You didn’t even read my post.

I find Thirst’s post supporting this superiority complex that women supposedly suffer from offensive and Bessy’s applause of such tripe even more offensive.

As for you détrop, who can possibly take you seriously?


IT WAS A JOKE, Miss Angel! God.

I think men are sooo much smarter than little ole me. I am just a woman, after all. I hate this place sometimes. :unamused:


Hello F(r)iends,

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  1. I did not insinuate that women have a superiority complex.
  2. I asserted women were FACTUALLy superior to men.
  3. Because this was about my inferiority complex.
  4. It’s a joke. Stop projecting!
  5. What don’t you find offensive?


Some men are weak, strong, smart, funny, sensitive, inane, petty and generous.

Some women are weak, strong, smart, funny, sensitive, inane, petty and generous.

Both can be utter assholes. Except for me, of course.

As my addition. Read Byron.