Material logic, formal logic and ontology

In my studies, I have found, in several texts about Aristotle, two types of logic: material logic and formal logic.

But, I guess that I don’t understood what is material logic…I have found some texts that explain the material logic as the study of the content of the reasoning. But, this is not clear for me. Does anyone have any examples of application of material logic?

There are relations between material logic and ontology?

I’m just guessing, but from the context you mentioned, the word “material” usually refers to “relevant”, “that which matters” at the moment as opposed to the common usage of physics “matter” or “material objects”.

Thus I would guess that what is being distinguished is Formal exact wording/thinking from Relevant wording/thinking considering the context of the situation or conversation.

Material logic is the content, formal logic is the form. So formal logic is concerned with the structure of arguments and the valid inferences and deductions you can make (“if all X are Y and some Y are Z…”), while material logic looks at whether the premises we use are true or false. Are all X in fact Y?