Matrix Resurrections

Definitely not the same vibe as the first three movies. This seemed to be making fun of itself a bit, and that’s fine. This movie was made with nostalgia as it’s primary reason it seems. This does a fairly decent job of following the story, and suspending disbelief is necessary, or at least continue being in a state of bewilderment while following the plot.

This is more of a love story than the focus on what reality is like for humanity, but it does hint at that. I found myself wanting the lore of the old movies to be more touched on but I suppose the attempt was reasonable. It is, after all, just a movie this finale makes us more aware of that than any of the other movies. The musical score was lacking as well. I may have given it a 7 out of 10 stars because I am a fan, but it might have gotten lower without that. Yes, it’s not necessarily the direction I would want for this movie, but I couldn’t guarantee anything better myself. Somewhat cheesy… somewhat tear jerky… it’s hard to say if this would be a movie best left not being made, but maybe… maybe not

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