Matthew Sheppard was killed for drugs by gay guys … ew-shepard

Is being killed over a drug dispute by gay prostitutes, fellow gay prostitutes at that, a basis for a hate crime?

Now as many of us suspected after seeing Joker’s beltchain, much of Wyoming is gay. This was a gay on gay crime, but was hijacked to fit a larger gay agenda.

Is the worst violence against gay, by gays? Think about the Orlando shootings. If the perpetrators are gay, in killing other gays, is it still a hate crime? Or just a case of normal gay on gay violence, notbreally different from when liberals normally kill one another in gang wars, something for society to look the other way at and ignore, because that is the Democratic way?

Why should we be obsessed about Gay on Gay violence anymore than inner city black on black violence, if they are both based on the drug trade? Or poor whites killing one another in liberal areas? We have long ignored this in order to clap and applaud the domocratic agenda which feeds off this self inflicted violence. What makes gay on gay violence so special?

Isn’t he a FOX news contributor of some kind?

No… he is dead.