Mayan Identity

Actually we haven’t.


Electric Moon day 9
Year of the Blue Overtone Storm


kin 43: Blue Self-Existing Night[/b]
I Define in order to Dream
Measuring Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
With the Self-Existing tone of Form
I am guided by the power of Self-generation
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

LA answers,

I guess you’re right. Mayan mythology is something we haven’t disagreed about. :slight_smile:

I knew it! It makes perfect sense. Red, because I’m a communist, a dragon because I’m pretty tough, I dissolve people so I can foster them, I release Being into being because I’m an existentialist, and I make sure all news babies are liberated when they are born, by using certain tones.

Oh, and my power is two-fold.

Rhythmic Moon day 26
Year of the White Self-Existing Wizard

kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm
I Endure in order to Catalyse
Transcending Energy
I seal the Matrix of Self-generation
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Abundance
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.


Galactic Moon day 13
Year of the Blue Crystal Storm

kin 207: Blue Crystal Hand
I Dedicate in order to Know
Universalizing Healing
I seal the Store of Accomplishment
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Self-generation

LMFAO, Hilarious. Like three-fourths of this fits :confused: I am also suppose to be pisces as well, the peace maker.

BTW: tent, and kris you are both hilarious.


bs anyone that would be intrested in that type of stuff could say that their reading goes for them and that the others dont, its simply word play. interpretation of what it says, most can be taken differently leaving it up to prefference to wether near all or none of the readings go for you.


Liquid operates with a certain brevity, trust her when she says it’s more complicated, cause it is.

wat do you mean Gobbo ?

most of the readings ive read on this thread are correct about me just like they are about everyone else in an open minded manner of acceptance of each single lined reading…

I know what you’re saying, but have you actually looked into the subject? Check the link. Also like LA’s writing, slight variations in the wording can mean all the difference in the world.

It is no surprise to me that they are all quite similar. Think about it, it would have had to have been translated, perhaps 2+ fold, I’m really not sure, but the point is that they are symbolic. There is a reason why all fortunes are vague and esoteric, and that is – how could they be specific?

When you realize that you’re simply remembering what you know already, the words become resonating beacons. Find your harmony.

pfft i knwo what your saying but i totally disagree, im not gonna argue against it, do you, i just wanna let you all know what i think of this needless propaganda.


This exercise is much like reading tea leaves, tarot cards, the I Ching, astrology, or any other construct of explanation. Given that there is no system of explanation without its’ failures, Mayan mythology is just as useful in creating a perspective from which to look into one’s self as any other. In some ways, I’d rather think of myself as a Red Spectral Serpent than as a Dawkins DNA-bot. Both systems of thinking about who and why we are are just as valid or invalid as our apriori assumptions allow us. My scepticism toward this, and other similar mythologies is pretty well known, but that just says something about me and not the mythology or how one might use it. That it doesn’t employ a conventional system of logic we’re familiar with doesn’t invalidate its usefulness in generating understanding.

In its favor, it avoids prediction, which makes it more useful than those explanations that predict the future to the end of days.

I read tarot cards. The translation of our “logical” thoughts into symbolic and quasi-mythological renderings sometimes frees our subconscious machinations. The cards do, indeed, tell you what you already know. They could hardly tell you anything different - they are just cards. It’s a form of talking to yourself “candidly”. Difficult to do under most circumstances.

I played poker with tarot cards once…

I got a full house and 3 people died


That was funny. Caught me by surprise. I think you are funnier than you used to be.

My head must be clogged, I studied the poem and searched for my kin but, it is not fitting together in my head, Usually I can see things like this but, not now. Sorry.

it seems that you peeps dont have a deep understanding of your selfes and there out.

From this:

to this:

You became an expert over night. Astounding.


Or we do, and have learned how to not take ourselves too seriously.

If I ever become a stand-up comedian, I’ll drop Faust’s photo off with the bouncers, and slip them a ten-spot to have them break his legs should he try to heckle me.

He is that dangerous. :laughing:

yours sincerely,

DNA-Bot. [size=75]Chug-Chug-tick-tock-bing-bong[/size]