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This is a rather amusing site:


What is life?

Who knows? Life is pointless.
You live… you die. When you die you are dead. So really, no matter what you do, when you die you are dead… meaning anything you do will be forgotten, if not by others by yourself. What does memories of you matter when you are dead? Some people would like to be remembered when they die, others realise when they die they wont care.
Why live though? Does it not seem like a pointless waste of time? Yes. But hey… You’ve been given the gift, why not use it! Make the most of it. Not that any mistakes matter really, as when you’re dead, you wont be able to care!
Live life, make of it what you can. You’ll only get one chance.

what we do in life probably won’t impact the world, and when we die, only those who remember us will know who we were, and when they die, it’ll be as if we’ve never existed