Meaning of Life?

Our teacher in Philosophy asked us to debate on the question What is the Meaning of Life? We were given five choices: wealth (money, natural resources, technology), fame (prestige), health, love, and power (over other men) and we had to choose which one was the best. I chose wealth and we’re supposed to debate on this. I hope you could give me advice on how to prove that wealth is the meaning of life aside from linking wealth to the other 4 choices (which I attempted to do). I think he wants us to dig deeper since it would be a little too obvious an answer. Please help.

I chose health.

But about your choice:


An abundance of resource.
Resource is “used up” in order to obtain what is specifically needed.

Your argument could be that money is a means to almost any end in a Capitalist society.

It is probably an urban myth but a long time ago I heard about a teacher of philosophy asking students to write a paper on the topic “Why?” As the story goes the student who got the highest mark wrote, “Why not?”.

If it is a paper you are writing you could try writing in “none of the above”. If it is an actual debate you could still begin with that premise and back it up with endless examples of the self-destructive meaninglessness that accompanies the achievement of any goal. Then you could conclude with the assertion that if there is “meaning” in life it will be found only in the activities of self-realization.

What Dan~ would write:

“The meaning of life? The life of whome? When I look at an ant-colony, I see a format of automation being their only meaning. Self-for-self, ways for ways, and like giving birth to like. An eagle’s meaning is most certainly at opposite ends with the meaning of the fish in its claws. “The meaning of life”, in the format of a request, is like saying: “The solution”. What solution? How can there be one solution to more then one problem? How can there be one meaning to such a multifarious infinity of natural manifestation? It is neither meaningful, nor is it meaningless, but some say it is alive, as it goes about its carbon-based ways on earth.”

You could perhaps relate to it to how the blind are leading the blind…

all hail the power of the carving knife…


In what way does meaning add to or detract from being? What meanings are relevant to you personally? Socially enhanced ego? Power over others? Tell your prof it’s a dumb question since meaning is a word bloated with meanings and hence subject to arguments involving relativity and infinite regress.

Are philosophers meant to be angry?

All of them. To pick one would create prioreties over others. But they can all be traced back to bigger things.

wealth (money, natural resources, technology)
Corperations get almost all inovations bankrolled through consolidation of strengths. Higher taxes for the wealthy would just be passed down to the poor. Yet the bounderies between CEO’s and the buyer have created market groups as people as a comodety. It lacks a level of love that says, “Would I offer this to my own family?” No, their family is a seperate issue.

But capatalism says what people buy is what works. SO if the people have well rounded appitites (or just intellect about actual cost and worth), then they would support the corperations that do good things.

fame (prestige)
Earning up to the wills of the people. Everyone loves a hero.

Mind, body, and soul.
If the soul is pure of heart, then everything that stems from the soul will be pure of heart.

and power (over other men)
Integrety to say that you are all my family. What is good for me, you should also have.

only the ones with neither a sense of humoUr or irony…


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Oh jeez. You have to create a matrix that compares them all.

For example, “power” can give you “wealth”, “fame”, “health”, and “love”. Scenarios and examples can be made to illustrate this. So I would say that the question is invalid since there is too much overlap.

If however you wanted to ask the question where you only get one of them and all of the others are denied, that is a real question (although somewhat unreal).

So you could then say, if you had “power”, you would not have “wealth”, “fame”, “health”, and “love”. THAT makes it clearer that “power” is not a desirable thing in and of itself. So that’s my advice: frame the argument this way. :slight_smile:

That was amazing, thanks!

I think a more meaningful question is what is the meaning of the meaning of life. What do we mean when we ask ourselves what the meaning of life is? Why do we ask this?

Apparantly the meaning to life is to have a clean colon, or so I’ve heard.

explore this for some extra points in your paper.

But honestly, no job will probably ever look at the grades you got in your philosophy class as a decision factor in you getting the job or not.

so just write what you think, and fuck the grade. That is just how I personally try to do the school bullshit.

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